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Friday, December 01, 2006

About Us: Contributors and Editorial Standards


Jeanne is a former video game tester who went blissfully into the deep end of beauty and fashion to reclaim her feminine side, and hasn't looked back. She prefers tea to coffee, lipstick to lip gloss (but still loves both), and keeping her hair short and easy to maintain. You can often find her carrying too many bags and with a great pair of earrings on, generally in the vicinity of San Francisco; she is known to have a bit of wanderlust for the fashion capitals of the world as well.

Kati has been enamored of Kati Farkas since Farkas was a strawberry blonde, but her lack of 'ie' started a couple of years before she picked up a Gossip Girl novel. She likes her coffee with cream, and her soap operas with a heavy helping of teenage angst. When she's not blogging, she can be found writing novels for Young Adults or attempting to elevate the style level in her hometown from "Pacific Northwest dirty hippie wear" to something slightly less dirty through her love of mini-dresses, colored tights, knee high boots, and headbands.

Karen is an acolyte in the cult of Corporate America, Silicon Valley cabal. She is an avid fan of millinery, feather fascinators, glasses, and other awesome vintage accouterments. She enjoys going to the gym slightly less than regularly, napping, and would probably like indoor rock climbing if she could muster up the courage to try it. Her secret superpowers include making fried eggs on toast and speaking Japanese fluently. She can re-read books many times over and is strangely fascinated by diseases and serial killers. When she's not blogging, she's Yelping.

Editorial Standards:

Updated June 2009

1. All content on The Periodic Elements of Style is written by one of our three contributors, unless noted as a guest post -- we pride ourself on our original content, and do not accept press releases or "suggested topics" for posting on our blog.

2. We do not accept payment for any of our written material on the Periodic Elements of Style: we have a strict no-advertorial or pay-per-post policy.

3. All items we write about are things we buy and use with our own time and money, something we would buy in theory/are considering buying, or something we think is generally awesome. Items that are sent to us for our review are reviewed on Periodic Beauty Reviews at our discretion.

4. We do not accept link exchange requests; we only link what we like.

Advertising on The Periodic Elements of Style:

We do not sell ad space on an individual basis. If you are interested in advertising on The Periodic Elements of Style, you can contact the following:

1. For premium above-the-fold advertising, please contact BlogHer Ads.

2. For smaller, independent advertising, you may bid on our Project Wonderful ad boxes.

Contacting The Periodic Elements of Style:

Please email us at periodicstyle at gmail dot com.

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