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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Science Fair for May 24th-30th

Hi all! This week's big news comes first:

-We have a Tumblr account that will serve as this blog's sieve, catching all of the bits and bobs that don't make it into full blog posts. Check us out at Periodicals! As of today, it's a lot of cuckoo things I like, serial killers, lepidopterae, vintage goodies--it will grow as we pass links back and forth to share with all of you.

-Second biggest news from this week is that the San Francisco Baby, the Stars Shine Bright store is ACTUALLY HAPPENING. We can't even believe it, Jeanne and I are going to go crazy all on their asses. A company called New People World is, in fact, building an entire new complex in San Francisco Japantown dedicated to J-pop/popular Japanese culture. I'm sure I will end up having a very complicated relationship with it due to my love of Japanese culture and my anger over its misappropriation.

-Check out these pictures from Copenhagn Fashion Week. What do you think, is it quintessentially Danish or what? Do city- or nationally-based fashion weeks have to represent their cities or countries overall?

-This week marked the 150th anniversary/birthday of London's iconic Big Ben, here are some facts you may not have known about that big ol' clock! That reminds me of my nerd-tastic love for Doctor Who, AND that at the Maker Faire yesterday some folks had crazy razor-sharp ball robots who rolled around, looked at you (!) and said, "exterminate! exterminate!" I nearly fell over in shock and delight, Jeanne can attest to it.

-In my quest to educate the rest of the world about the greatness of 1960s Nouvelle Vague film and the role of women in them, I'm sure you've read us talking about Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless. Jeanne's current haircut is a la Jean Seberg in Breathless, thanks to a night spent with me watching it on TV (you're welcome, buddy). This week, you can watch female director Agnes Varda's classic New Wave film, Cleo from 5 to 7 thanks to TheAuteurs.com. They're running a feature series on Cannes winners from previous years, all are definitely worth your time and $0 in the name of cinema education. Come back after watching Cleo from 5 to 7 and tell me if it didn't change your life.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Clubbing: A Conundrum

You guys, I have a problem. I run into it about twice a year--it dogs me, really. I do not and cannot, for the life of me, dress to "go out." I can dress for dinner, for weddings, graduations, the ballet, those life events that require fancy dress, but if you want to go out dancing, I am absolutely stumped. My friend Elena proposed that we all go out dancing at a club in San Francisco at the top of a skyscraper soon, and the minute I got home, I realized I have nothing to wear. NOTHING. I am a nice, homebody type of girl who does enjoy a bit of dancing or a night out on the town once in a while, but I am inevitably over-dressed for the occasion. I just don't go clubbing, and when I see other young women out in their club-wear, I think, "I couldn't possibly wear that!" Once again, I find myself desperately and dejectedly searching my closet, as I am sure many women have in my situation (in romantic comedies as in life).

So, in the absence of a complete wardrobe overhaul, I set out to find the tenets of going-out-wear. I'd hate to have to buy something I felt awkward or uncomfortable in to just wear for one night out. I am not crafty enough to pull a nice shirt out of my closet and mangle it into a clubbing-appropriate hoochie blouse. My self respect and body confidence level do not lend themselves to a night full of chocha-baring hooliganery. Thus, I have taken to Polyvore for inspiration.

As a girl who spent the better part of every weekend in college either on the radio reporting on shows or at indie rock shows in Boston, my first going-out-outfit love will always be of the rock'n'roll variety:
From the left, we have a rather twee and adorable sailorette ensemble with button-a-riffic shorts (it gets hot in clubs, plus if anything, I have excellent gams that need to get out and breathe once in a while), a completely non-ironic and comfy hardcore tee, retro patent wedges, and a knit hat to keep the dancing- and sweat-induced frizzies in check. I love this look and I would wear it if I were still in "the scene." My scene nowadays is at work, at the library, at the farmer's market, at a restaurant, or reading a book in a coffeeshop. Do you see how unprepared I am for dancing at the top of a skyscraper? I will freely admit that my goal is to go out looking like Enid, from Ghost World:
The middle outfit is your casual, just rolled out of bed hipster look, with the lighter wash skinny jean, the admittedly awesome polka-dot low-tops, and the feather motif tee with matching earrings. A keffiyeh scarf added to this would bring maximum silly-hipster points. The third outfit on the right is what I might wear to a hip-hop night in a movie about a girl from the wrong side of the tracks winning a dance/DJing competition in the big city. Seriously, Nora Ephron AND Karen Patch should hire me to be their proteges, look at that, with the saucy hat and the self-referential headphones on the shirt. You could bust a move in that!

Getting back to reality, here is what I will/could probably wear, out of my own closet:
As you can see, I have ONE short skirt that is about mid-thigh. I can sit in it comfortably, it's slightly high-waisted so my bum isn't hanging out everywhere (life's goal: achieved), and looks great with opaque tights. The skirt is in. The blouse is a problem. Do I go with the regular ol' ribbed tank top, embellished with flower and lace brooch and string of fake black pearls? Will I feel too bare? The shoes are an issue as well--how often do you see young ladies out for a night of dancing in painful, foot-wrenching, bunion-giving, ankle-breaking impossible shoes? The very thought it of make my toes clench up in fear. I have two pairs I am considering. My new pair of Chie Mihara Saco pumps in brown/gray/black--the pair shown here are an alternate colorway. (Check out the selections on sale at Tani NYC, so lovely!!) Or, the pair of silly little-girl-ish metallic gold t-strap Mary Janes I picked up for $10 at TJ Maxx last week. The perennial debate over the walking VS dancing, not to mention driving, capabilities of women's shoes continues.

In the end, I know for a fact that I will be cold out there, waltzing out of a skyscraper nightclub, so over it all goes a long trench. The hat is optional. Seriously now, I am still somewhat confused--what do nerdy girls with work-appropriate wardrobes wear for a night out?

Images from Polyvore.com and Allmoviephotos.com

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yummy yummy yummy!

As I mentioned in the weekend's Science Fair, Kati came down from Oregon to visit! The three of us had An Evening Out on Sunday, since Karen and I had Monday off, and Kati and I spent much of Monday running around the city to stores they don't have in Oregon. (Or, if they do have them in Oregon, only in Portland.)

Naturally, Lush is one of those stops. Kati stocked up on her essentials, while I got detoured by the shower gels. I usually don't check out the Lush shower gels very often, but my eye and then nose were caught by Yummy Yummy Yummy, a pink shower gel that looked like a milkshake.

And honestly, that's what it smells like -- a delicious fresh strawberry milkshake. It doesn't smell like fake cloying strawberry flavoring (sidenote: why does grape flavor never taste like grapes? Real grapes are delicious, grape flavoring is gross.), but like actual strawberries, which also happen to be the first ingredient in the list. It smells incredible and I want to eat it but I know I can't.

I also got the Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar so I could follow up with a moisturizer with the same smell. While Yummy Yummy Yummy contains honey water, Strawberry Feels Forever is vegan (for those of you who are!). While it's a little unwieldy for moisturizing (melting in my hands, big thing shaped like a strawberry versus, say, a tub of lotion), it does make my skin soft and sweet.

I kind of just want to roll around in these strawberry products all summer, you guys. If Lush came out with a perfume or an actual lotion along the lines of Yummy Yummy Yummy or Strawberry Fields Forever, I would use them every single day and blast everyone with my amazing strawberry supernova scent. It's true. I would.

Have you made any amazing discoveries yet this summer? (I know, it's not officially summer, but we are Post Memorial Day and so it's summer!)

image from lushusa.com

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Science Fair for May 17th - 23rd

Short and sweet today -- Kati is coming to visit!! I haven't seen her since August, so I'm excited and running around the apartment screaming KATI KATI KATI instead of RICK RICK RICK:

- Coming soon to a console near you: Fashion Week: The Video Game. I have no idea how this is going to work out, but I am intrigued.

- In other "why don't girls like (fill-in-the-blank), let's add fashion to it and then they will like it" news, Marvel is creating comics with Mary Jane (of Spiderman fame) as a supermodel.

- I am totally stoked for OPI's new matte collection this fall. I'm already planning on getting at least two or three. Nail polish, why must you be so awesome.

- Oh and duh, if you didn't catch Glee on Tuesday, you can watch it at Hulu.com/glee. THERE IS NO IRONY IN SHOW CHOIR.

Have a great Memorial Day tomorrow, everyone, and be sure to take some time to reflect. Meanwhile, back to cleaning (and screaming).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Suiting Up with The Closer

This past winter, despite my most valiant efforts, I found myself absolutely SUCKED IN by The Closer on TNT. The past few seasons, I would notice the show on and off, but never managed to devote a whole hour to it at a time. Usually, I prefer the harder-hitting crime dramas, your Laws and your Orders, your NYPD Blues, your old-school Homicides: Lives on the Streets. The Closer, on the other hand, incorporates intriguing homicide cases with human-interest stories, gallows humor, a fair bit of Southern charm, modern anxieties, and old-fashioned detective drama.

More to the point, though, Kyra Sedgwick's wardrobe as Brenda Lee Johnson is FABULOUS and I want it all. The ladies at the Thread are also big fans! She is at times a befuddling combination of practical (sun hat) and dainty (bright orange wedges at a crime scene). The New York Times calls Kyra Sedgwick's performance "a study in nuance" and I agree, although it took me a good long while!

Like a normal working woman, Brenda Lee carries a too-large black bag in which she can never find what she's looking for, so totally awesome and fitting that QVC offered for sale a mass-market version that is tragically sold out.

According to the show's wardrobe designer, her secret weapons are personally tailored, vintage deadstock jackets from the 1940s. I was just at the amazing Vintage Playclothes in Studio City, California, and I am here to tell you that a lovely, quality, non-musty-smelling vintage suit that fits the 21st-century body is a real gem to find! If you are lucky enough to find a great suit, it is often worth your money and patience to get it tailored just right. Vintage Playclothes has just started up their online shop, Brenda Lee would snap up this royal blue wool gabardine suit for the fall. If you are similarly wasp-waisted (unlike me), you are a winner for this shape of skirt suits.

One of Brenda Lee's preferred vintage brands is Lili Ann of San Francisco--talk about supporting local fashion! Etsy seller Archivia has a gorgeous 1951 colorblock suit in green and pink. For the more sedate amongst us, this grey wool suit with pleat detailing is perfect. Why don't they make suits that look like that anymore? All of my suits are blocky and lacking in personality, but THESE! Glorious.

For summer, Brenda beats the LA heat with little cotton dresses that I would be happy to wear all day, every day. This orange smoothie at the left is one of her more 1970s disco-tastic tablecloth numbers, but this is absolutely an easy look to replicate on your own. I often do the full-skirt/slim-cardigan combination at the office amongst co-workers in shirtsleeves or full-on suits. Etsy seller ChloeAndBoo has a fabulous navy and flower motif asymmetrical print semi-circle skirt for you! The black and white Jackson Pollock dress at ModCloth is a great way to do big, bold patterns without risking being mistaken for a swathe of wallpaper. For a straight from the 1940s, Black Dahlia-riffic look, ModCloth also has the Modern Recess grey and black trim dress. The slim-skirted dress is somehow perfect for running around solving crimes in Los Angeles, a la a particularly sassy noir heroine.

On to my most favorite topic, SHOES. Work pumps are always a problem. If they're fancy enough for the most businessy of business events, they aren't comfortable enough to wear all day. Comfortable pumps look like orthopedic wear all too often. I try to give television wardrobe designers the benefit of the doubt, because I know it's too much to ask to have a TV homicide detective wear functional, steel-toed running shoes that real homicide detectives probably wear. There is a line, though, between TOTALLY UNWEARABLE AT A CRIME SCENE and "mildly inappropriate if you think about it". Our Brenda often falls into this former category as she traipses about pools of blood and navigates canyons, but I'll be damned if she doesn't look like she's having a tough time, as anyone would. Below, I have assembled a Polyvore set of pumps for your enjoyment:

Clockwise from the top left, those are Chanel cap-toe pumps that Kyra Sedgwick has actually worn on The Closer--perhaps a teensy bit outside of the character's price point, but who cares? They are lovely. Top right, super-slick two-tone t-straps from Yesstyle.com, straight from Asia (ugh I loved all of the shoes in Japan and I only ever found a single pair that fit my massive mixed-race feet). Bottom right, a surprisingly fabulous pair of spectator pumps from Charlotte Russe to match the Jackson Pollock dress above. Bottom left, "Dainty" by Wanted with great Art Deco trim on the toe-box, because I am all about the combination of brown and grey lately.

To bring it home, I'll share the Feminist Spectactor's view on Brenda's wardrobe choices and how they reflect on her role as a leader in the workplace. What do you see on TV that inspires you in your daily fashion choices? Obviously, a lot of television and film wardrobe choices create a fantasy of what designers think we women WANT to wear to work--see Ugly Betty and Sex and the City for examples. As much as I want to be wearing Chanel and Marc Jacobs every day, it's just not possible. Don't you ever get excited when you see a character on TV wearing something you own, though? I nearly did of joy when I saw Mindy Kaling on The Office wearing a fuschia linen pleated dress I have. It is so refreshing to have visual fashion stimulation on TV that isn't sky-high heels and over-saturated neon a la CSI: Miami!

Images courtesy of TNT and Polyvore.com.

Zipper stripper heels!

I have been thinking about zipper-strapped heels for weeks if not months.

You'll recall that the yellow Louboutin zipper heels were in my Odile Polyvore, but I've been admiring the zippy Louboutins for much longer than that.

I was flipping through Karmaloop.com, as you do, when I stumbled upon a pair of Jeffrey Campbell zipper-strapped flats (with your choice of silver or gold teeth). Super-cute, right? It's a hard decision between the zippers and the pyramid studded version, since apparently I am crazy about pyramid studs too.

And I thought, well, I do like the studded flats better, but I still want the zippy heels. I'd seen a girl sporting a knock-off pair at a bar a few weeks ago, so I knew that they were about. Thus, I googled, and thus, I found them at Ami Clubwear on sale for $16. (Whenever I look at it, it looks like Am I Clubwear, like it's questioning if it is or is not clubwear, and the answer is yes, very much so, you are clubwear, how is this even a question.)

Now, let's get this straight: $16 shoes. High heel and platform, synthetic materials. Designer knock-off. Obviously these are not work heels, these are play heels. A girl needs her play heels, right? These are "get in the cab and go out" heels. I could use "get in the cab and go out" heels.

I'm hesitating to pull the trigger on these. I certainly want them, and part of me is like "sixteen dollars, what a deal!" but that's also an impulse I should probably not indulge.

And thus I bring it to you, the readers: do I get my desired zipper stripper heels, or do I hold off? I definitely want to hear some opinions!

image from amiclubwear.com

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Fun!

Just a few quick fun things on a Friday afternoon!

- Psst! Want a chance to a. see my eyes in extreme close-up and b. enter for a chance to win a goodie bag of make-up? Go check out the latest Periodic Beauty post and leave a comment to win!

- Karen and I are considering signing up for Edible Pursuit, a food-themed trivia night in San Francisco on June 7th. I'm a bit of a trivia rock star, and I do love food (that's where I'm a Viking!), but I don't know if the two go together well. We shall see! (I am, however, good at coming up with sassy team names. Hmmm.)

- The Silicon Valley Rollergirls have a free exhibition in San Jose this Sunday -- go check it out!

Do you have anything fun for this Friday/weekend/the future? I'm going to the baseball game (woo!) after work tonight, which is always a good (if sometimes cold!) time!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Portrait of Jeanne Gray

I made a discovery this spring that made me sad, and this is what it is: Starbucks drinks make me break out.

Hear me out. This could be an instance of causation and correlation, but it seems pretty apparent to me.

So: with the winter came the holiday drinks, including my favorite Gingerbread latte. If I had time before my morning train, and particularly if the cute barista guy was working, I would go to the tune of two to three times a week. Expensive, yes, but also delicious. Come January, the holiday drinks drifted out but they brought in the new tea lattes, which are very tasty, and I switched over.

At the same time, I was chronically battling my skin, particularly on my cheeks, which can be tied to stomach issues. (Milk and I aren't really close friends, you see.) I was bumpy and grumpy and, in the words of Tia Williams, I just felt busted.

And then, in January, I decided to knit baby blankets for my two co-workers who were expecting babies, and the best time to do all of my knitting was on my commute. Since I didn't want to juggle a hot milky drink and my knitting in the mornings, I stopped getting my morning Starbucks... and my skin started behaving. After the first blanket, I took a week or two off and went back to Starbucks, and my skin flared up again. I started up the second blanket and stopped the Starbucks, and it calmed back down.

Yeah, it's not super-scientific, but I can really tell a difference in my skin just by cutting out the milk-based beverages. And so, alas, I have. Even having one isolated drink makes me bump up, which is sad (and frustrating).

That said, if I could eat anything I wanted and not have it show up on my face, a la Dorian Gray, I would. (I would still want to keep aging, though. I'm fine with that part. It's just the yummy-things-turning-into-pimples that's getting me down.)

Would you give up something you loved if you found it affected your skin negatively? What would you refuse to give up? Would you want a Dorian Gray-style bargain?

image from periodicstyle.blogspot.com

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Science Fair for May 3rd-9th

I just returned home from a tough, but ultimately satisfying and memorable weekend spent helping my grandmother recover from eye surgery. English being her second language, there were difficulties in the Q&A portion of getting her checked in at the surgery center. Example: "What is your ethnicity?" The receptionist looked at me for the answer because Grandma doesn't know what "ethnicity" means. Oh, Grandma! You are Asian! Before she could say "Oriental," as she often does--come on now, totally politically incorrect--I said, "Asian." Again looking at me, question: "That's it? Asian and...nothing else?" Look, lady, just because I am mixed doesn't mean my grandmother is! Welcome to the melting pot! Someone else assumed I was Grandma's nurse aid. People! Anyway, we had a weekend of ice packs, swollen eyelids, Japanese food, stories about my grandfather who passed before I was born, funny sayings from old Japan, and reruns of the Laurence Welk Show. Wonderful, wonderful! Grandma says, "you know, in the old days, we had such nice music--like that 'Tokyo Serenade' and 'Smoke Getcha in the Eye.'" Clarification: that is "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," in Grandma-speak. Smoke Getcha in the Eye!

-FINALLY, Maia Hirasawa's second album is out: GBGvsSTHLM (Gothenburg versus Stockholm)! Here's her first single off of it, South Again. Love the zeppelin balloon, love her little nonchalant jeans and tanktop, and I pretty much want to run away to Sweden to play the piano on a pier at sunset. I'm loving "Hush Now," "Come With Me," and "This Is What We Have." Highly recommended if you like: Hello Saferide, New Buffalo, Regina Spektor.

-I just discovered that my adorable friend Kate's little sister Molly has an Etsy shop, so of course I just HAVE to give my girl props! She is in high school, you guys! If only we'd had the entrepreneurial spirit at that young age. Jeanne and I are always coming up with crazy/stupid little business ideas for Etsy, like my plastic-mounted vintage button necklaces and knit animal hats. It'll never happen, but yet I still have a giant collection of buttons that only an obsessive hoarder could love. They will become fabulous jewelry and accessories someday!

-Another one of our shared passions is Gothic Lolita, or just sweet Lolita fashion...ugh, I love it, and everyone knows I would wear tiny boaters and feathered top hats with veils at, well, the drop of a hat. (Pixie Market, whose LA boutique recently closed down BOOOO, has darling wee boaters. I want to put my hair in big sausage curls and tie one on with grosgrain ribbons...to wear to work.) The Japanese brand Emily Temple Cute's Kyoto shop has a new blog documenting their new styles on display. Loving the vintage-hanky pattern dresses and skirts! Here's a tip from a longtime Tokyo denizen, shhh don't tell anybody but there is a tiny closet of a secondhand Gothic Lolita brand shop in Shimokitazawa, Grand Bazaar Lolita. Their merchandise leans toward the Sweet end of the Lolita spectrum, with much less gothic items than the better-known and easier-to-find Closet Child in Harajuku.

-Fabulous homegirl/fantasy bestie Mindy Kaling has signed a deal with NBC to develop her own show, possibly a ladies-buddy-comedy a la our boyfriends in The Flight of the Conchords. A MOST PERFECT/HILARIOUS UNION, I THINK--if the three of us were in the mix! What!

-I just wanted to share my joy over the news that Hulu might start distributing shows from UK television like Green Wing due to a new international deal. Allow me to illustrate via the chat I sent to Jeanne, below:
> Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother, combined
Sometimes I think about scenes from that show, and it makes me laugh out loud."

As a special Green Wing gift, I'll spare you the wait for Hulu and point you toward IMDB, where they have FULL EPISODES OMG. Mac! Guy! Now I won't get to bed on time.

-My nesting instinct must be in full gear lately, because not only am I tentatively looking at a place to buy (oh lord know I don't need the extra debt), but frankly drinking in all of the architecture and interior decor I can get my little hands on. I am usually super-derisive about silly contrived home photo shoots. This remodeled guest bedroom in lilac is delightful and I want to put it in an ice cream cone and eat it on a hot summer's day. Also on offer are six tips for a sexier bedroom, I know I'm going to regret mentioning it! Sometimes even we single-swingle ladies need a little help. It's just so easy to throw all the dirty clothes on the floor and pile up shoes in the closet, we forget.

-Blog and real-life friend Courtney sent me this gem to cheer us up on a gloomy day, you've probably seen it if you love that scruffy-haired scoundrel Robert Pattinson, but I do believe I love this more: Twilight with Cheeseburgers. Uh, YUM.

Have a great week, everyone--after 72 hours at Grandma's house, I am ready to be home in my own bed, so now it's off to finish reading The Black Dahlia Avenger (interesting, but kind of hard to believe a la recent claims that one's father was the Zodiac killer) and then, the Land of Nod! Ahh, home sweet home.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Orange you glad it's spring?

It's May, the baseball season is under way, and if you didn't already guess it, my team is the San Francisco Giants. I even managed to get Karen to come to her first game last week, and we had a lovely time eating cookies (both of us) and yelling/cheering (me).

And since the Giants colors are orange and black, I've been pawing through my wardrobe, both clothes and nail polish, trying to think of ways to incorporate more orange in not just to support my team, but because it's a nice juicy color for spring and summer anyway.

Thus, a very orange Polyvore:

orange you glad it's spring?

I think orange is mostly done best when it's solid and paired with neutrals, like denim, grey, or black. Usually that means wearing it as a top with jeans or a skirt, but I'm thrilled to death by the orange Cheap Monday shorts -- how great would they look with a loose grey jersey top? I have no idea where I'd wear them, since wearing them to the ballpark could get really cold really fast, but I adore them and want them.

Orange is also easy to bring in as an accessory -- whether it's flipflops, a flower clip, earrings, or rubber bracelets, it's a nice extra pop. Tarina Tarantino's got some super-cute orange earrings -- I tend to think of hot hot pink when I think TT, but her orange stuff is cute too!

I've already got several orange polishes in my stash, and here's what I've got: OPI Brights Power (from last year's Mod collection), Essie Mini Shorts (from last year's neon collection), and a couple of orange China Glazes. That said, there are a ton of awesome oranges out now, since it's a great summer pedicure color if you want to do something a little funkier than red or pink.

I might do what Michelle's doing for the Cavs and paint all of my nails orange except for one, and paint it black (because of course I have black nail polish), but I also have the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in black and silver.

Plus, with the orange sunglasses that I've seen everywhere, it fits right in with my colored frames obsession. Hmmmmm.

Are there any particular colors you're thinking of playing with more this spring or summer? And do you "dress up" for your favorite team, whether it's in your clothes or your nails?

image from polyvore.com

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Science Fair for April 26th - May 2nd

Happy May!

After all of my complaining about the heat, the rain came back to San Francisco this weekend. Oops!

- You may already know that I have a special affinity for a certain little red beetle, and so the Trend de la Creme ladybug jewelry round-up made me super-happy.

- Right now, the Apartment Therapy Spring Cure 2009 is going on/winding down -- I haven't been participating officially, but I *am* working on tidying/cute-ing up the apartment right now. Spring's the time to get this stuff done...

- For the baseball nerds out there, I've been highly enjoying the MLB Fanhouse "The Dugout" posts, where they write imaginary Instant Messenger conversations with ballplayers, media people, owners, mascots, video game characters... it seriously cracks me up.

- Do you ever have a dream where you're eating something amazing, and then you wake up and you crave it? For me, that was banana pudding this morning. (Yes, I dream in flavors.) And putting it in a tart (versus banana cream pie, which I also love) sounds awesome.

- One of my college buddy's chief complaints back in the day was that there was no way to get the full-length version of Rex Manning's "Say No More, Mon Amour" from Empire Records. Of course, it is now on YouTube.

- Finally, now that I've been searching for mythical banana pudding and need to go grocery shopping, I leave you with a phrase that comes into my mind all the time: LAY OFF ME, I'M STARVING.

Have a great week!

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