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Friday, April 17, 2009

Presenting Swan Lake

This spring, the San Francisco Ballet debuted its new production of Swan Lake, and Karen and I went to go see it, and it was simply stunning and had us both battling back tears at the end. (It doesn't have a happy ending.)

Here's a glimpse of San Francisco Ballet's production:

We came away emotional but inspired, particularly by the lead ballerina, who has to dance two completely emotionally-opposite roles -- that of Odette, the tragic and graceful queen of the swans, and Odile, the charismatic trickster daughter of the sorcerer Von Rothbart.

Odette was a princess who caught the eye of Von Rothbart, and because she rejected him, he turned her into a swan. (I hate it when that happens.) She can only become human by night, which is when the prince comes across her at the lake with her maidens. The only way to release her from her spell is to be truly loved, and if he is unfaithful to her, she will be cursed to be a swan forever. Her prince swears to love her and her alone...

Here's Gillian Murphy of the American Ballet Theatre, dancing the Pas D'Action as Odette in Act II of Swan Lake.

Karen put together a Polyvore set inspired by sweet Odette, complete with a darling white dress, creamy feathers for her hair, kissable pink lips and blue mascara for bright eyes, accented with lake-blue ribbons and teardrop earrings. (Foreshadowing, perhaps?)

Odette, the White Swan

After leaving Odette at daybreak, the prince returns home to a ball where his mother insists he choose a bride. After meeting several foreign princesses, the prince rejects them all, only to have two uninvited guests show up -- Von Rothbart, in disguise, with his charming daughter, Odile. Odile and the prince dance, and he, thinking she's Odette, pledges his love to her, breaking his oath to the real (and heartbroken) Odette...

Here's Gillian Murphy and American Ballet Theatre again, but this time she's Odile. Even if you're not super-familiar with ballet, you can tell just by her dancing that she's a different girl than the one before:

And so I got to put together the Polyvore for Odile, the Black Swan, the sharp and sassy villainess. I also gave her feathers, dark ones, for her hair, as well as gold and yellow accessories (including those fierce zippered Louboutin sandals). The nail polish, by Butter London, is Branwen's Feather. With smokey eyes and a glistening rose lip, Odile is one to watch out for.

Odile, the Black Swan

If you didn't manage to catch San Francisco Ballet's Swan Lake this season, you're in luck -- the ballet just announced their 2010 schedule, and Swan Lake is the first program of the new season, starting January 23rd. I know I'll certainly be going again, and Karen and I both highly recommend it!

What art has been inspiring you lately? Are you inspired more by performances, or by fine art, music...? I'd love to know!

images from polyvore.com

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Cafe Fashionista said...

These are the most breathtaking outfit creations. You are genius!

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