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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hot hot hot!

It is boiling hot in the San Francisco area, everyone. I made the mistake of wearing pants and a long-sleeved cardigan to work today, and as soon as I came home I switched into a skirt and tank-top.

But first off: yes, I'm totally pale right now. I mean, it's still the middle of April. I was not expecting to have to be bikini-ready until maybe closer to Memorial Day, but there've been girls lying out by the pool since late March (!), and there were people in the hot tub this evening, and I had to make an emergency flip-flops and beach-towels purchase today. Again, I remind you: it's April and I'm buying beach towels instead of rain boots.

And so while I'm going, sure, it's April, it's fine, no one expects me to already have that summer glow going just yet, I'm thinking about it already. And maybe I should just go outside more and show off my pale legs more (because otherwise, they will just stay pale), but I'm thinking about self-tanning stuff again.

Now, last year I had a mishap with a spray, so I'm thinking something a little more gradual might be better. I'm looking at FakeBake, since my local beauty supply carries their stuff, particularly the Skinny Solution. Obviously, I don't expect it to be a cellulite-killer or leg-toner or some sort of miracle potion, but a nice gradual tan that I can build up would be really nice...

Still, it's not even May, and I'm totally allowed to flaunt my pale pale legs. (Related, did you see Dita von Teese at Coachella? Gorgeous!) I'll keep it in the back of my mind, I guess... but for now, I need a new sunscreen more than I need a fake tan!

Have you already started thinking about prepping for summer with a "base tan"? Or are you embracing your pale side?

image from fakebake.com


Kristin said...

I'm in Florida and it's blistering here too! I'm a wrinkle phobic so I don't tan but I use Aveeno's self tanner. It's looks totally natural and doesn't smell funky like a lot of them.

Jeanne said...

Hi Kristin!

I can't even imagine what it must be like in Florida -- yikes!

I like Aveeno's stuff a lot; I used to use their sunscreen all the time, so I'll definitely take a look at the self-tanner! Thanks for the rec!

Georgia said...

I definitely go for the pale look. Of course, I've never tanned anyway so it's easy to maintain.

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