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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Top 10 Cute Cheap Spring Dress Picks!

Ohhh, yes, it's starting to be that time of the year! The past week has been so beautiful and warm that the city's starting to peel off its winter clothes. I'm talking sandals, skirts, freshly polished toes, sunglasses... and dresses.

And so, just like last year, here's some of the super-cute dresses I've found online for under $45 (not including taxes and shipping). I've separated them out into two categories: dresses to wear to work (which, basically, means your bra won't be showing) and dresses to wear on the weekends (less stringent on the bra thing).

Five Workwear Dresses:

From Modcloth.com, this super-cute shirtdress would go very well with flats, sandals, or wedges. $42.99

Another Modcloth dress, the Grey Gardens dress is on trend for spring with its pastel florals. $39.99

This striped knit dress from Delias comes in purple and in black; I always tend to lean to black, so picking purple is a brighter choice for spring. $34.50

Gauzy and bright, this keyhole-necked dress from Old Navy comes in several other colors (including green and white), and is perfect for wilting-hot days. $24.50

All right, this sweet jersey dress from American Eagle Outfitters doesn't totally fit my requirements for a workwear dress (as in, you'd have to layer a cardigan over it to really make it office-appropriate), but I love it all the same. $34.50

Five Weekend Dresses:

I definitely could see myself heading down to the pool in this turquoise embroidered dress from Alloy. $39.50

Or maybe I'd go out to the park in this darling plaid strappy dress from Delias -- I'd just need to remember sunscreen (and maybe a sweater -- we are still talking spring in San Francisco, here). $44.50

I've been dying for a white spring dress for the past few years, and maybe the embroidered dress from Alloy is the one. (Still, I'd have to be sure it's not see-through...) $39.50

Looking for a dress in tropical-punch colors? This knit party dress from American Eagle Outfitters comes in teal, yellow, pink, and blue floral prints. Plus, it's a cotton/modal blend, so it's got to be super-soft. $34.50

Finally, for a dress that can be worn a thousand and one ways (seriously, go check it out) in spring and summer, there's the Le Sac dress from American Apparel. $38

Are you already breaking out your spring dresses? What sort of dress are you looking forward to wearing most?

images from modcloth.com, delias.com, oldnavy.com, ae.com, alloy.com, store.americanapparel.net


WendyB said...

Love the purple dress. Too bad it was freezing here today. There was even a little snow downtown.

Jeanne said...

It got cold and rainy yesterday -- it almost delayed Opening Day at the ballpark! Of course, yesterday I wore sandals, so that would do it.

ken said...

i love ae.com, i wish they would give out more coupons. and i love the torquise blue weekend dress. i wonder where i could get them?...

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