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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rose tint my world - colorful glasses frames!

As a glasses-wearin' lady, it's almost time for me to go in and get my eyes checked out and my prescription updated. And what that means is that I'm already starting to think about new frames.

I'm pretty satisfied with the look I've been working for the past two years, which is a soft rectangular tortoiseshell, but taking some style cues from Miss Karen as well as Gossip Girl's Nelly Yuki (Nelly Yuki! Nelly Yuki!) and their vast wardrobes of fun frames, I've been thinking a lot more about doing something a little more fun and colorful, especially since it's coming up on spring. (Granted, I'd be wearing these glasses for longer than spring, but colored glasses are fun to think about!)

I had a pair of l.a. eyeworks glasses for four years (!) until it was time to replace them -- they were tortoiseshell (of course), but the interior side of the frame was a smart purple. Fun! And so I've picked three of their colorful frames that I'd be interested in checking out, just so I can get away from my "but does it come in tortoiseshell?" crutch...

The Peak frames have a fun two-tone double-dipped look, and I can't help but think that the cheery pink would help brighten up tired eyes.

My only non-tortoise/reddish brown glasses that I had, back in Ye Olde High School days, were purple, and so these Concord Grape Mason frames would be a fun update. Plus, purple makes my eyes super-green. Hmmmm!

While it's not typically a shape I go for, since I like the more rectangular look, the curvy apple-green Code frames are a lot of fun with their purple temple bars. It's definitely a pair I'd have to try on to see how I feel.

After I get my new glasses checked out, though, I'm definitely thinking about getting another pair of prescription sunglasses. I love mine, but I'm still thinking about something bright and colorful for summer.

I know everyone and their mom is wearing Ray Ban Wayfarers again, but they're classic for a reason. I'd probably go with classic black if I were to get a pair, but that turquoise is super-cute.

Juicy Couture (I know! I know!) also has their own version in pink, which is so girly I kind of adore it despite Karen's dismay. I'm just not sure that the pink lenses would be very flattering, though. I could always change to a different color when I took the glasses in for my prescription, though.

But if I still want my big celeb-in-hiding-style frames, then the big blue Juicy Couture sunglasses might also be a fun choice. (They also come in white, but they have a giant ol' logo on the temple bar. Hmm.)

All right, all you spectacled-ladies, I know you're out there -- what style of glasses do you tend to gravitate to when you pick new frames, or are you someone who loves to experiment and try new shapes and colors all the time? Do you have one pair of frames that you wear all day every day for all occasions (like me), or do you have different pairs for different situations/outfits? Let's hear all about it!

images from laeyeworks.com and framesdirect.com

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Karen said...

As you know, I love the colorful, funk-tastic glasses. Pretty much every single member of my nearsighted, glasses-wearing family gets a new, funkier pair of frames every two years as our prescriptions change. I particularly love Phoenix Optical's frames, currently wear regular glasses by France's LaFont (a brand I first admired in Japan--love these with the coral detail.), and sunglasses by Alton Brown's favorite L.A. Eyeworks. Have you seen LaFont's line for babies? SO. CUTE.

I also have a pair of vintage eggshell blue frames with gold wing Art Deco designs on the temple bars, those should get filled ASAP so I can finally fulfill my fantasy of actually wearing a different pair of glasses per each day's outfit.

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