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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stars of Film and Soap

I'm sure you've all noticed the new trend in make-up and beauty products by now. The "nano"-particles, the microbeads, the color-sensing lotions, miraculously skin tone-matching foundations, all touting their applications of SCIENCE for BEAUTY. Everything is micro-scrubbing, Amazonian-root-particle-synthesizing, pore-unclogging alchemy. As fascinating (and super-tiny) as nano-science is, there is some evidence that nanoparticles are so small as to enter your bloodstream upon application, so I would recommend caution first and foremost.

Still, there's a new wave of scientific advances with more practical beauty application in your catalogs and drugstores. Me, I enjoy the DHC catalogs that come to my door, with their numerous free samples, and purity of ingredients. The Spanish olive oil they sell is pricey as all heck, but extremely delicious! DHC also supplies refills for their shampoos, just like in Japan. But I digress. One of the recent DHC catalogs I got had a sample for their new Coenzyme Q10 Facial Film Soap, and it's amazing! Very handy little clear sheets that dissolve upon application of water. If you are remotely outdoorsy, I imagine these would be very useful. Or, if you're a consummate user of public bathrooms that have no soap, very handy dandy. This type of purse-portable soap is gaining in popularity, since I just got a little packet as a freebie at a conference...thanks a bunch, Office for Treaty Compliance! It's the novelty that gets me, if not the Ivory-ish scent.

As tea (and coffee! and wine!) drinkers, all three of us here at the Periodic Elements have an ongoing, internal struggle between the deliciousness of our favored beverages and the unsightly yellowish tinge they leave on our pearly whites. For me, having sensitive gums and an irrational fear of the dentist (and mummies! and masks!) makes whitening a real problem. Maybe you've seen those Listerine ads for their whitening strips, that supposedly dissolve and whiten your teeth in 15 minutes. Well, I've tried them. I can't say that they whiten your teeth miraculously, or even significantly, but they sure do leave a gummy residue in your mouth. Don't listen to the commercial and leave the house with them on your teeth! I also learned the hard way not to let the strips touch your gums if you have an owwie there--it's basically hydrogen peroxide on a bit of Botan candy wrapper, ouch!

Since I have yellow teeth and frizzy hair, you might think I usually look like a mess, and you might be right. Luckily, that's really only on casual Fridays. A few weeks ago, I picked up "Partner in Shine," a camellia oil and sea kelp shine serum from Collective Wellbeing. This stuff is silky-smooth and conditioning, and the scent is just floral enough to be pleasing without smelling like you rubbed eau de toilette on your scalp. I used to use the Frederic Fekkai mini-tubes of olive oil serum you can pick up at Sephora for a song, but I'll be damned if that stuff doesn't smell like food! Who wants their hair to smell like bread-dip? Partner in Shine keeps my hair pretty manageable, and doesn't feel heavy or sticky like other anti-frizz products. Go, go camellia oil!

I'm still on the lookout for new space-age, wafer-thin, miniaturized products to try out, so show me what you've got that's pocket-sized!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vote for Polish - Your three must-haves?

Tuesday afternoon, I got an email from Zoya nail polish encouraging me to vote at ThePolishPoll.com and get a code for three free nail polishes with a $20 purchase (so, four nail polishes -- Zoya polish is $6 a bottle) -- basically, seven nail polishes for the price of four. Awesome! I am all for that.

So I was chatting with Karen about it, and I said, "Man, seven polishes for the price of four! Awesome!" And maybe I was already thinking a little about what seven polishes I might hypothetically get. (Might. Hypothetically. The code is still good until Halloween, so there is time to think about it.)

And she said, "Seven nail polishes? I don't think I'd use seven nail polishes ever."

Me being a nail polish addict, I considered this briefly. Then I said, "Well, you could order the basic Color-Lock System kit for $36, and then get your three free basic polishes. Because really, you only need three basics."

And when it ultimately comes down to it, one can get away with three polishes. (I wouldn't want to, but one certainly could.) So here are my recommendations, if you were to decide that these three free polishes were the only ones you'd have or use.

The first would be a good sheer pink for fingers. Office-friendly, sheer enough that it doesn't make a huge and dramatic statement, but adds a certain amount of, well, polish. I'd recommend Marilyn, Dharma (with purple pearl for a little more oomph!), or Sari. Honestly, a sheer pink is not going to be hard to find and pretty much can't be screwed up.

Second would be a great cherry red. I always love red pedicures, and red fingernails aren't going to be out of place during the holidays, either. (Yep, the holidays! They're coming again!) And if you're a retro chic chick, still nothing wrong with red nails. I picked out these three reds: Anthea (with gold shimmer!), Dominique (which makes me think of ANTM, because all I can hear in my head is Tyra saying, "Dominique" while flipping a photo), and Diana. Again, good reds aren't hard to find, and pretty much every new collection of polishes will feature a solid red, even though most of us have them already. (But maybe you don't, and that is why I am writing this list!)

Finally, and this is especially true now that we're coming into fall, you'll need a good vamp/dark polish. While this might surprise a couple of people at the office, the vamp nail has been around for a long time (Chanel Vamp was introduced in '95!). Traditionally it's a dark "dried blood" color, but I think you're allowed to play with it some, because if you're going to go dark and dramatic, you might as well go for it. You can go with a more traditional vamp like plummy Casey or "dark browny red" Sasha, but I am a blue-loving girl at heart and so I have to include Indigo. (Yeah, some people say navy nails are out, but I will always love my blues.)

So there you have it: for $36, you can have a full set of base coat, top coat, speed-dry drops (which I've never tried... but I know my clumsy finger-bumping bedsheet-imprinting ways would definitely find them useful), and remover as well as your three must-have can't-fail nail polishes: sheer pink, cherry red, and vamp/dark.

If you had to pick three nail polishes that everyone should have, what would you pick? (And, uh, if you have recommendations for, you know, seven Zoya nail polishes... I would like to know that as well. Just for curiosity's sake.)

image from artofbeauty.com

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Keeping Calm and Moving On

So part of the reason why I haven't been blogging much or very excitedly lately -- and some of you already know this -- is that right before I left for New York Fashion Week, my boyfriend and I broke up. And it, frankly, has been hard. Really hard. And so that, along with work, is part of the reason I've been so quiet lately. (That's not to say that I'm not buying stuff -- believe me, I am buying stuff, I'm just not writing about it. Nothing is going to keep me from buying stuff. Not even my vows to stop buying stuff.)

But there is a bright side: in two weeks, I'm finally moving into a brand-new apartment with a fresh start, so that will definitely pull me out of my doldrums. So while I'm trying to ignore the pile of clothing that has to get sorted and culled and packed within the next two weeks (I've already made a head start on packing my nail polish!), I'm thinking about decorating and furniture and all the fun part of moving in.

I've always loved the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters at sfgirlbybay.etsy.com, and I fully intend on picking up one for my bedroom. In case you don't already know the story of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster, it was a British WWII poster urging citizens to, well, keep calm and carry on.

As I was getting off the light rail a few weeks ago, I noticed a girl wearing a pendant with "Keep Calm and Carry On", and realized that yes, I wanted one too. So, of course, I got onto Etsy and typed in that oh-so-familiar phrase. Many, many, many pendants popped up, particularly the kind that are on Scrabble tiles. While I like the idea of reusing Scrabble tiles, and it's definitely a good scale, I tend to play hard with my jewelry. So I wanted something waterproof, something that could stay on in the shower. I dug and I dug and I found the resin pendants at MarkJamesDesign.etsy.com. I've ordered one in royal blue (of course), and look forward to its arrival any day now! (I told you I was buying things.)

I also know that I can use some positive reinforcement at the office -- it's one thing to have the poster in your bedroom, where ideally things are calm, but in the office when the phone is ringing, your inbox is full while your computer is crashing, and there's buzz saws in the hallway... it doesn't hurt to have an extra reminder. So I found LillyandCoco.etsy.com, which sells sets of postcards in your choices of colors. Since they come in sets, I ordered the set of two -- one for me, and one for Karen with her big new fancy job. (Pink for me, robin's-egg-blue for her.) Lilly & Coco also sell this awesome KC&CO rubber stamp for you collectors out there; I desperately want one and have no idea whatsoever what I would do with it. (Besides, you know, stamp things.)

So thank you for bearing with me while I've become a slower blogger lately; I am still here, and I am still reading my Bloglines and my Twitter... I'm just more quiet lately. And things will get into fever pitch with moving, but I'm sure you understand 'cause you're our readers and you're awesome like that. (It's true, you know.) Me, I'm just going to keep calm... and move on.

images from sfgirlbybay.etsy.com, MarkJamesDesign.etsy.com, and lillyandcoco.etsy.com

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Science Fair for September 15th-21st

It's time once again for your weekly dose of the most fascinating and far corners of our dear friend, the World Wide Web! Although I am saddened by the tragic absence of Mad Men this week, I am off to do an hour of Pilates in a few minutes, so I'll make this one quick and painless. Today's corner of the World Wide Web is less of a corner and more of an island nation in the Pacific, and you know I'm not talking about Samoa.

-Do you like animals? Do you sometimes sit around, dreaming up cute pet names for the day you'll get your very own puppy or kitty? Now you can use that amazing skill for a good cause, donate to help homeless animals and maybe get a sweet black-tie weekend in NYC out of it! Obviously, that cat and dog should be named Miss Dairy Belle and Captain, respectively.

-Could you beat me in a Japanese-food-eating contest? How many truly authentic Japanese meals have you had in your life? Maki at Just Hungry has a comprehensive list of craaazy Japanese foods to test your palate. I've had most of them, thanks to too much time spent eating in Japan and an extremely doting Japanese grandmother. Mmm, saba oshizushi!

-Not to reiterate the whole Japan thing, but in the course of my internet-related diversions this past week, I came across a great list of Japanese words for composing haiku, should you be so inclined. If you've ever bought a bottle of O~i O-Cha, you've seen the amateur English-language haiku contest they do--winning poems go on the sides of the bottles!

-Here's a hypothetical: let's say, oh I don't know, you're me and you love love love Japanese fashion magazines. Maybe your mother and aunt were, in fact, models for Japanese fashion magazines in the 1970s, but now you are a devotee of the new generation of magazines for fashion trends for your generation, like Gothic Lolita. If this hypothetical scenario were true, then I'm ABSOLUTELY sure you'll enjoy this KERA fashion show. Glorious!

-If you're curious about Gothic Lolita or Japanese fashion and want more, we're not the only KERA readers on Blogger!

-On a more socially conscious note, what with big-name fashion designers lining up on partisan sides these days in the U.S., we seem to have forgotten the bigger picture. Designers for Darfur has just launched their website, featuring fashion shoots in Darfur to highlight the humanitarian crisis there. As the Sudanese Ambassador to the United Nations explained to me, the crisis in Darfur is not one that can be easily solved. What began as ethnic and tribal clashes intensified as natural resources became depleted. The displaced population in Darfur is still struggling for survival and basic human rights, even though those of us in America are all-consumed by the presidential election. I just hope that whomever wins the election (shh, I know who I'm voting for) can actually make good on their promises, and restore America in the good graces of the rest of the world.

Now, it's Pilates-o'clock here in California, I'm wishing you all a great week and a good night!

Friday, September 19, 2008

WorkWear Daily, at a brand-new workplace!

Wow, have I been a bad, bad blogger these past few weeks! The time really does disappear when you're working full-time, I haven't fully switched out of the perennial academic phase into professional, 9-to-5 mode yet! What can I say, it's a grind whatever you do, and I am absolutely impressed by all of you hard-working bloggers out there who can manage to look at a computer after a full day. Oh, to be a student again!

Jeanne and I are off to the Vintage Fashion Expo this weekend, so in the spirit of celebrating the fabulosity of yesteryear, I've recreated a few of my more notable office-outfits of the past two weeks. Nothing has been an outright WorkWear failure as yet--all credit for that is due to my office's rather lax dress code! There is a high standard set already, however, as my much-admired boss shows up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every morning with her hair perfectly blown out, in different versions of a black skirt, colorful tweed jacket, and peep-toe stiletto heels. I feel like I'm schlumping around in flats and 2" heels, while the other half of the company traipses about in sneakers! Oh, the wretched hypocrisy.

The following Polyvore compositions are gross approximations, of course, since one could only be so lucky if she had her whole wardrobe mapped out online! I imagine it would be like a Flash version of Cher Horowitz's closet in Clueless. The first is very simple,
Black wool skirt with pockets and brass button details, from the J. Crew (or maybe Banana Republic? Is there a difference, really?) outlet store--great for winter. Grey blouse by Kersh of Canada, with lovely neck ruffle. Cheap-o, fake-y cuff watch picked up on sale somewhere for a ridiculous price, and the perennial favorites, Jeffrey Campbell two-tone Oxfords. LOVE THEM. Besides Jeffrey Campbell's Crayola box full of colorful two-tone shoes, does anyone have a line on similar styles for those of us with a need for tailored flair in her life?

Next is an unfortunately mediocre outfit from today, when I had to run around like a chicken with its head cut off, grabbing anything that looked clean-ish and fast in the morning:
Purple wrap top over a white H&M tank top (that may have been taken out of the laundry pile, sniffed for cleanliness testing, and OKed for the day). Black plasticky necklace that I got for a pittance at a farmer's market, from far away it looks like it could be strands of tiny, black pearls, I enjoy the kitschy "paste" feel. Cropped, cuffed pants, and plain, light-purple flats. Mediocre, yes, but purple is the color of royalty, my friends, and I welcome it with open arms into my wardrobe! I rolled up my sleeves and popped on a headband to keep a short ponytail in place, I'd say that from far away and with a waist-cinching device, I could have been right out of Rebel Without A Cause.

Last, my crowning, vintage-tastic glory of the week, in iterations of reddish-orange:
This Dayglo-orange jacket is INSANE. I got it for something like $15 at a Buffalo Exchange shop in Oakland, California, it's boxy and fitted at the same time, and has gargantuan plasticky pearlized buttons. Here's the thing about boxy-but-fitted jackets: boxy frames hide a multitude of sins, even out broad shoulders if you've got them, and give the illusion that your waist is teensy-weensy under there. I had to go visit the ladies' bathroom full-length mirror a few times during the day to admire my excellent vintage find. This was actually an experiment in mixing pattern and color for me--gasp, a color AND a pattern, in a single outfit! The blouse is grey and white striped with contrasting white collar and plackets, from H&M, shoes are Campers with funny red platform soles. The little flowers you see there represent a necklace of mine, a pearl teardrop pendant with orange California poppies (the state flower, thank you very much!) painted on it, hung from a maroon satin ribbon. It was one of the first items I ever purchased for myself that wasn't dime-store candy. Lovely lovely.

I'm sure Jeanne and I will come back from Saturday's Expo with a veritable haul, but we need some advice--how do you incorporate choice vintage pieces into a professional wardrobe without looking hokey? There is a 1950s black boucle boxy jacket with mink fur collar hanging in my closet, waiting for an invitation to come out and play...

Images from Polyvore.com.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When Dinosaurs Ruled Etsy

Last weekend, Kati hosted a dinosaur-themed party, but alas, I could not attend! So, to make up for my inability to rock-asaurus rex with her, I went on a paleontological (is that a word? I've decided it's a word; archaelogical is a word) search for some awesome dino finds on Etsy.

First up, these pewter pendants of a Triceratops and a T-Rex from the Etsy seller FindersKeeper are very subtlesaurus if you don't really want to declare "I AM WEARING A DINOSAUR."

While technically a dimetrodon isn't a dinosaur, this lovely vintage-watercolor-looking pendant from loveevol.etsy.com is very cool. Also, dimetrodons always scared me as a small child. They are not nice-looking. (Although really, were any dinosaurs "nice"? Maybe Brontosaurus, and by Brontosaurus I mean Apatosaurus.)

If you're looking for something more fun and colorful, the acrylic T-Rex necklace from LittleAngelsJewelry.etsy.com has neon hearts and a stripy star along with T-Rex.

Do you remember the old-school colorblock silhouettes of dinosaurs that were on mugs, shirts, placemats, everything when you were a kid? Because I do (I had a red mug with a Triceratops on it), and so does likemindedpeople.etsy.com, because they're selling shirts with them, like this Stegosaurus shirt.

Now this is awesome: dinosaur-shaped soap!! dugshop.etsy.com has Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, T-Rex, Triceratops, and, um, Hello Kitty to choose from. (Not a dinosaur, but still cool.)

What if you want to decorate your room (or a small child's room, or your cubicle, or wherever) with some adorable dino art? The NZ artist nutandbee.etsy.com has some incredibly cute dinosaur prints, featuring Warmosaur, Candysaurus, and two T-Rexes cuddling in the city. I love them all, but especially Candysaurus.

Finally, the Etsy user dinosaur toes gets a shout out because a. great name and b. incredibly cute vintage-y jewelry, including the excellent Oregon Trail bracelet for more childhood nostalgia.

What was your favorite dinosaur? (Because come on, we all had one!) Growing up, mine was Triceratops, but now I'm very drawn to Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, and T-Rex. (I think we can blame Dinosaur Comics for the last one.)

Yay, dinosaurs!

image from topatoco.com

Monday, September 15, 2008

Science Fair for September 8th - 14th

So sorry for the delay, but here, better late than never, is this past week's science fair!

- First, if you didn't go check out my first two reports on Fashion Week at Periodic Beauty, you can catch them under the label new york fashion week. There will be more once my brain stops being so scrambly.

- Speaking of Fashion Week, here are the six Project Runway Bryant Park collections. Do I even need to tell you who I think should win? I don't think I do.

- From the shiny new Independent Fashion Bloggers, here's a guide on how to make gorgeous self-portraits. This is something I've been meaning to work on for, oh, months.

- Finally, things have been really tough for me lately, and I've been trying to keep some perspective. So here's a commencement speech from the late David Foster Wallace: "This is water."

Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Tea Talk

Man, I don't know about you all, but we three here are super-busy lately. All three of us are now working full-time (and for Kati, sometimes overtime). I know that I was trying to enjoy the last of the summer, but now it's coming into fall... and I'm falling behind. Sorry!

Anyway, while I get to work on writing up some stuff both here and on PBR, here are some more jumping off points to discuss in the comments:

- Did anyone else notice the little pendants on our favorite Gossip Girls this week? Blair was wearing her little diamond "bw" charms from Alex Woo Jewelry during the brunch scene, and Serena, who was on her way to the jitney, was wearing the gold "Mischa" wishbone necklace from Dogeared Jewelry. I, being a fan of little pendants, want both.

- What's with the hating on Posh's new pixie? (Please, please don't let the term "Poxie" catch on.) I think it really shows off her face. (But then, I am biased.) Also adorable: Sam Ronson's new hair. Everyone's been saying the pixie's going to be the big haircut for a couple of years now, but with Posh doing it, will it really happen?

- I've more or less given up soda since I was in college (soda's expensive, water's free!), and right now I'm planning on introducing more vitamins and things like that into my daily routine. I'm always curious to find out what other people are doing, whether it's Mindy Kaling or you! So tell me: what have you given up (or won't give up), and what (if anything) is in your routine?

Anything else you want to discuss? Anything you want my opinion on? Just comment away!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Science Fair for September 1st-7th.

Sorry this is short and late, everyone! I got called into work yesterday, which limited my blogging time. But I think everyone's too busy following the fashion week coverage to be bothered?

-MAC twitters for fashion week. Has anyone actually seen their feed? Granted, I haven't gone looking for it, but it's just another reason why I love MAC.

-Blogdorf discusses Mad Men's influence on the presidential race. I'm not a huge follower of politics and I haven't ever seen an episode of Mad Men, but I have to say I love all the cardigans this season, so if this is who I have to thank, THANK YOU. I've spent three years trying to find some cute cardigans, and finally this season there are seven billion. You know I'm stocking up.

-H&M to open soon in Tokyo. I had no idea that there wasn't an H&M in Japan! It amazes me that there wasn't one until now, since it's probably my favorite place to shop for basics (I always lug a couple of shopping bags from H&M back whenever I visit Jeanne.) Although if they make clothes in real girl sizes like the H&Ms here, then there goes yet another reason why I don't want to live in Japan. Shoot, looks like I might have to do something with my degree soon if this keeps up.

Have a good time this week following Fashion Week or avoiding the coverage entirely.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Facing the Tents

Technically, I am on an airplane right now, but I thought you all should know: I'm going to Fashion Week in New York. It's crazy, right? I'm attending with Total Beauty, and I will be there for this Saturday and Sunday. So I'm not doing the whole week -- just getting my feet wet.

Since it's going to be particularly beauty-heavy, my Fashion Week content will be on Periodic Beauty Reviews, so now is the time to subscribe! I'll also be Twittering my experiences at the blog's Twitter account, @periodicstyle, so if you aren't already following, it's a good time to start!

I've never been to an event of this size and this prestige, and so I am (as you can understand) a bit of a nervous wreck. As soon as I learned I had the opportunity to go, the first person I went to to ask for advice was Sarah Conley of StyleItOnline.com. Sarah's the community manager for Coutorture, and she is one radtastic lady. I knew she would steer me straight and it's been so great to get her help and her knowledge and her encouragement.

Sarah's a two-time vet of New York Fashion Week, and this year she's putting together a mini web series called On The Plus Side: A Fuller Figured Fashion Week Experience. It's about being a plus-sized woman during Fashion Week, and how the pressure of an event like that can cripple the most confident and professional of us because of how it makes us feel about our bodies. And that's partially why I decided to just be there for two days: I'm there to see if I can really hang in there, if I can make it, if I can handle it. I know it's going to be tough for little wallflower nerdy me.

I'm so looking forward to watching Sarah's series, because these are issues that all of us need to think about and talk about no matter what size we are. As Sarah says in her mission statement, we need to be helping each other instead of hurting each other. I think we all can agree with that.

I definitely recommend that you check out On the Plus Side; I know that even when Fashion Week's done for me, I'll be checking in on Sarah and seeing the rest of it through her perspective, which is an incredible opportunity for all of us.

See you at Periodic Beauty and Twitter!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Unkindest Cut

If you haven't checked out Periodic Beauty Reviews just yet, then I would strongly encourage you to do so. The reason why I'll be revealing on Friday, but primarily because you'd miss something like this -- a small offhanded mention that my mom just got some cosmetic surgery done. And frankly, while it's personal for her, it's also personal for me. Does it get any more personal than our own faces?

Part of the reason why so many of my photos on the blog (check out my collage!) are in sunglasses are that I, like my mom, have bags under my eyes. And often I try to hide them under my glasses to a certain degree -- I particularly choose plastic frames instead of wired rims or "invisible" glasses. But, as you can see in these pictures from CupcakeCamp and the Total Beauty event in May, the bags are definitely there. (And no, I'm not just linking off to them so that you have to click through to see my eyebags -- the Flickr image is "all rights reserved", and I'm assuming the Total Beauty one is as well.)

You also can't really see it in the pictures (a little in the cupcake one), but I also have a vein running alongside the bottom of my right eye. Whenever I sit down in makeover chairs, the artists automatically grab their concealer and that's where they go first. For years, people have been asking me about it -- once even accusing Karen of punching me in the eye. ("What's with your eye? Did she hit you?") I can deflect attention away from it with my glasses, but obviously a major blood vessel in my face isn't going to go away.

A few months ago, my mom said she was going to get a consult on getting her eyes done. I raised my eyebrows and said, "Really?" "Just a consult," she said. But she brought home the brochures and eventually she decided that yes, she was going for it. And so two weeks ago, the day that we took Kati back to the airport after she came to visit, my mom went in for surgery.

I don't begrudge my mom for getting what she wanted to do done. But her line of reasoning was that le eyebags are genetic -- her father had them, she has (had) them, and so along those lines... those are my genes, too. (Mom: "I'm tired of looking exhausted all the time!" Me: "I am exhausted all the time!") No eye-depuffing product is going to make them go away, despite my products and my trying, but at the same time, I'm not going to take two weeks' worth of paid time off to lie in my bed with ice on my face after getting it cut open. I would rather take that money and that time and go to Paris (or Hawaii). I would not feel bad about my eyes if I were in Hawaii. (And honestly, on a day-to-day basis, I don't feel bad about my eyes anyway!)

So honestly, I don't know how I feel. My mom wanted them done, and she got them done, but I don't really think she needed it. And I don't think I need it or will need it or want it. It's just one of those things where my mom's addressing something that bothers her... that's also there in me.

I don't have a conclusion or a message or what have you, but this is something that's truly been staring me in the face and has been on my mind. Because beauty, above all, is personal.

images from periodicstyle.blogspot.com

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