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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When Dinosaurs Ruled Etsy

Last weekend, Kati hosted a dinosaur-themed party, but alas, I could not attend! So, to make up for my inability to rock-asaurus rex with her, I went on a paleontological (is that a word? I've decided it's a word; archaelogical is a word) search for some awesome dino finds on Etsy.

First up, these pewter pendants of a Triceratops and a T-Rex from the Etsy seller FindersKeeper are very subtlesaurus if you don't really want to declare "I AM WEARING A DINOSAUR."

While technically a dimetrodon isn't a dinosaur, this lovely vintage-watercolor-looking pendant from loveevol.etsy.com is very cool. Also, dimetrodons always scared me as a small child. They are not nice-looking. (Although really, were any dinosaurs "nice"? Maybe Brontosaurus, and by Brontosaurus I mean Apatosaurus.)

If you're looking for something more fun and colorful, the acrylic T-Rex necklace from LittleAngelsJewelry.etsy.com has neon hearts and a stripy star along with T-Rex.

Do you remember the old-school colorblock silhouettes of dinosaurs that were on mugs, shirts, placemats, everything when you were a kid? Because I do (I had a red mug with a Triceratops on it), and so does likemindedpeople.etsy.com, because they're selling shirts with them, like this Stegosaurus shirt.

Now this is awesome: dinosaur-shaped soap!! dugshop.etsy.com has Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, T-Rex, Triceratops, and, um, Hello Kitty to choose from. (Not a dinosaur, but still cool.)

What if you want to decorate your room (or a small child's room, or your cubicle, or wherever) with some adorable dino art? The NZ artist nutandbee.etsy.com has some incredibly cute dinosaur prints, featuring Warmosaur, Candysaurus, and two T-Rexes cuddling in the city. I love them all, but especially Candysaurus.

Finally, the Etsy user dinosaur toes gets a shout out because a. great name and b. incredibly cute vintage-y jewelry, including the excellent Oregon Trail bracelet for more childhood nostalgia.

What was your favorite dinosaur? (Because come on, we all had one!) Growing up, mine was Triceratops, but now I'm very drawn to Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, and T-Rex. (I think we can blame Dinosaur Comics for the last one.)

Yay, dinosaurs!

image from topatoco.com

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