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Monday, September 15, 2008

Science Fair for September 8th - 14th

So sorry for the delay, but here, better late than never, is this past week's science fair!

- First, if you didn't go check out my first two reports on Fashion Week at Periodic Beauty, you can catch them under the label new york fashion week. There will be more once my brain stops being so scrambly.

- Speaking of Fashion Week, here are the six Project Runway Bryant Park collections. Do I even need to tell you who I think should win? I don't think I do.

- From the shiny new Independent Fashion Bloggers, here's a guide on how to make gorgeous self-portraits. This is something I've been meaning to work on for, oh, months.

- Finally, things have been really tough for me lately, and I've been trying to keep some perspective. So here's a commencement speech from the late David Foster Wallace: "This is water."

Have a great week!

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