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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Tea Talk

Man, I don't know about you all, but we three here are super-busy lately. All three of us are now working full-time (and for Kati, sometimes overtime). I know that I was trying to enjoy the last of the summer, but now it's coming into fall... and I'm falling behind. Sorry!

Anyway, while I get to work on writing up some stuff both here and on PBR, here are some more jumping off points to discuss in the comments:

- Did anyone else notice the little pendants on our favorite Gossip Girls this week? Blair was wearing her little diamond "bw" charms from Alex Woo Jewelry during the brunch scene, and Serena, who was on her way to the jitney, was wearing the gold "Mischa" wishbone necklace from Dogeared Jewelry. I, being a fan of little pendants, want both.

- What's with the hating on Posh's new pixie? (Please, please don't let the term "Poxie" catch on.) I think it really shows off her face. (But then, I am biased.) Also adorable: Sam Ronson's new hair. Everyone's been saying the pixie's going to be the big haircut for a couple of years now, but with Posh doing it, will it really happen?

- I've more or less given up soda since I was in college (soda's expensive, water's free!), and right now I'm planning on introducing more vitamins and things like that into my daily routine. I'm always curious to find out what other people are doing, whether it's Mindy Kaling or you! So tell me: what have you given up (or won't give up), and what (if anything) is in your routine?

Anything else you want to discuss? Anything you want my opinion on? Just comment away!


Kati said...

I've actually temporarily given up on drinking. It's not a permanent thing (esp. since I'm sure I'll have some dino punch on Saturday,) but I've maintained my weight for the past two months and I figured that not drinking for awhile might give my metabolism a little kickstart. I'm also thinking about starting back up at the gym (even though I don't need to since my job is pretty physical)- I miss the elliptical and just having the me-time that working out gave me. Although with my hours I would have to brave the early morning anorexic girls who want their full thirty minutes on the machines, yikes.

Jeanne said...

Yeah, I definitely need to be going back to the gym. A, they're still charging me for it, and B, I need that me-time (and that not-sitting-at-home-time) too. I'll probably start up again next week (for real, I mean it, no lies) because this week's been so busy!

Susie Bubble said...

I really like Posh's pixie too.... it somehow makes her face softer...

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