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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Science Fair for September 1st-7th.

Sorry this is short and late, everyone! I got called into work yesterday, which limited my blogging time. But I think everyone's too busy following the fashion week coverage to be bothered?

-MAC twitters for fashion week. Has anyone actually seen their feed? Granted, I haven't gone looking for it, but it's just another reason why I love MAC.

-Blogdorf discusses Mad Men's influence on the presidential race. I'm not a huge follower of politics and I haven't ever seen an episode of Mad Men, but I have to say I love all the cardigans this season, so if this is who I have to thank, THANK YOU. I've spent three years trying to find some cute cardigans, and finally this season there are seven billion. You know I'm stocking up.

-H&M to open soon in Tokyo. I had no idea that there wasn't an H&M in Japan! It amazes me that there wasn't one until now, since it's probably my favorite place to shop for basics (I always lug a couple of shopping bags from H&M back whenever I visit Jeanne.) Although if they make clothes in real girl sizes like the H&Ms here, then there goes yet another reason why I don't want to live in Japan. Shoot, looks like I might have to do something with my degree soon if this keeps up.

Have a good time this week following Fashion Week or avoiding the coverage entirely.

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