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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zipper stripper heels!

I have been thinking about zipper-strapped heels for weeks if not months.

You'll recall that the yellow Louboutin zipper heels were in my Odile Polyvore, but I've been admiring the zippy Louboutins for much longer than that.

I was flipping through Karmaloop.com, as you do, when I stumbled upon a pair of Jeffrey Campbell zipper-strapped flats (with your choice of silver or gold teeth). Super-cute, right? It's a hard decision between the zippers and the pyramid studded version, since apparently I am crazy about pyramid studs too.

And I thought, well, I do like the studded flats better, but I still want the zippy heels. I'd seen a girl sporting a knock-off pair at a bar a few weeks ago, so I knew that they were about. Thus, I googled, and thus, I found them at Ami Clubwear on sale for $16. (Whenever I look at it, it looks like Am I Clubwear, like it's questioning if it is or is not clubwear, and the answer is yes, very much so, you are clubwear, how is this even a question.)

Now, let's get this straight: $16 shoes. High heel and platform, synthetic materials. Designer knock-off. Obviously these are not work heels, these are play heels. A girl needs her play heels, right? These are "get in the cab and go out" heels. I could use "get in the cab and go out" heels.

I'm hesitating to pull the trigger on these. I certainly want them, and part of me is like "sixteen dollars, what a deal!" but that's also an impulse I should probably not indulge.

And thus I bring it to you, the readers: do I get my desired zipper stripper heels, or do I hold off? I definitely want to hear some opinions!

image from amiclubwear.com

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