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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Orange you glad it's spring?

It's May, the baseball season is under way, and if you didn't already guess it, my team is the San Francisco Giants. I even managed to get Karen to come to her first game last week, and we had a lovely time eating cookies (both of us) and yelling/cheering (me).

And since the Giants colors are orange and black, I've been pawing through my wardrobe, both clothes and nail polish, trying to think of ways to incorporate more orange in not just to support my team, but because it's a nice juicy color for spring and summer anyway.

Thus, a very orange Polyvore:

orange you glad it's spring?

I think orange is mostly done best when it's solid and paired with neutrals, like denim, grey, or black. Usually that means wearing it as a top with jeans or a skirt, but I'm thrilled to death by the orange Cheap Monday shorts -- how great would they look with a loose grey jersey top? I have no idea where I'd wear them, since wearing them to the ballpark could get really cold really fast, but I adore them and want them.

Orange is also easy to bring in as an accessory -- whether it's flipflops, a flower clip, earrings, or rubber bracelets, it's a nice extra pop. Tarina Tarantino's got some super-cute orange earrings -- I tend to think of hot hot pink when I think TT, but her orange stuff is cute too!

I've already got several orange polishes in my stash, and here's what I've got: OPI Brights Power (from last year's Mod collection), Essie Mini Shorts (from last year's neon collection), and a couple of orange China Glazes. That said, there are a ton of awesome oranges out now, since it's a great summer pedicure color if you want to do something a little funkier than red or pink.

I might do what Michelle's doing for the Cavs and paint all of my nails orange except for one, and paint it black (because of course I have black nail polish), but I also have the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in black and silver.

Plus, with the orange sunglasses that I've seen everywhere, it fits right in with my colored frames obsession. Hmmmmm.

Are there any particular colors you're thinking of playing with more this spring or summer? And do you "dress up" for your favorite team, whether it's in your clothes or your nails?

image from polyvore.com

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