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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Science Fair for May 17th - 23rd

Short and sweet today -- Kati is coming to visit!! I haven't seen her since August, so I'm excited and running around the apartment screaming KATI KATI KATI instead of RICK RICK RICK:

- Coming soon to a console near you: Fashion Week: The Video Game. I have no idea how this is going to work out, but I am intrigued.

- In other "why don't girls like (fill-in-the-blank), let's add fashion to it and then they will like it" news, Marvel is creating comics with Mary Jane (of Spiderman fame) as a supermodel.

- I am totally stoked for OPI's new matte collection this fall. I'm already planning on getting at least two or three. Nail polish, why must you be so awesome.

- Oh and duh, if you didn't catch Glee on Tuesday, you can watch it at Hulu.com/glee. THERE IS NO IRONY IN SHOW CHOIR.

Have a great Memorial Day tomorrow, everyone, and be sure to take some time to reflect. Meanwhile, back to cleaning (and screaming).

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