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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Fun!

Just a few quick fun things on a Friday afternoon!

- Psst! Want a chance to a. see my eyes in extreme close-up and b. enter for a chance to win a goodie bag of make-up? Go check out the latest Periodic Beauty post and leave a comment to win!

- Karen and I are considering signing up for Edible Pursuit, a food-themed trivia night in San Francisco on June 7th. I'm a bit of a trivia rock star, and I do love food (that's where I'm a Viking!), but I don't know if the two go together well. We shall see! (I am, however, good at coming up with sassy team names. Hmmm.)

- The Silicon Valley Rollergirls have a free exhibition in San Jose this Sunday -- go check it out!

Do you have anything fun for this Friday/weekend/the future? I'm going to the baseball game (woo!) after work tonight, which is always a good (if sometimes cold!) time!

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