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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Science Fair for April 26th - May 2nd

Happy May!

After all of my complaining about the heat, the rain came back to San Francisco this weekend. Oops!

- You may already know that I have a special affinity for a certain little red beetle, and so the Trend de la Creme ladybug jewelry round-up made me super-happy.

- Right now, the Apartment Therapy Spring Cure 2009 is going on/winding down -- I haven't been participating officially, but I *am* working on tidying/cute-ing up the apartment right now. Spring's the time to get this stuff done...

- For the baseball nerds out there, I've been highly enjoying the MLB Fanhouse "The Dugout" posts, where they write imaginary Instant Messenger conversations with ballplayers, media people, owners, mascots, video game characters... it seriously cracks me up.

- Do you ever have a dream where you're eating something amazing, and then you wake up and you crave it? For me, that was banana pudding this morning. (Yes, I dream in flavors.) And putting it in a tart (versus banana cream pie, which I also love) sounds awesome.

- One of my college buddy's chief complaints back in the day was that there was no way to get the full-length version of Rex Manning's "Say No More, Mon Amour" from Empire Records. Of course, it is now on YouTube.

- Finally, now that I've been searching for mythical banana pudding and need to go grocery shopping, I leave you with a phrase that comes into my mind all the time: LAY OFF ME, I'M STARVING.

Have a great week!

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