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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Science Fair for November 30th - December 7th

Happy December, everyone! It's the last month of 2008 and I am pretty much ready for '08 to go!

- We do have more gift guides in the works (really! we do! we promise!), but just in case you're still looking for more (like for babies or pets, who we're not covering this year), Jamie has you covered with the gift guides at Oh How Lovely Shops. In addition, she's having a big holiday giveaway!

- In other giveaway news, Sephora is granting a Beauty Insider's holiday wish -- one item, valued up to $300! (I asked Sephora-Santa for a no!no!, but would totally be happy with a Clarisonic face brush, too.)

- The San Francisco Ballet's new (2004) production of the Nutcracker will be shown nationwide on PBS's Great Performances at 8 pm on December 17th. It takes place in San Francisco in 1915, the year of the World Fair. If you can't watch it on the 17th, it's also available on DVD. This is the production that got me back into ballet classes for my senior year of college.

- Karen and I went out for drinks on Friday night and spotted a beautiful crystal tie necklace on one of the waitresses, which instantly made me think of Jill's faux tie post on Trend de la Creme. I then talked about TDLC and caterpillars and Karen said, "I have no idea what you're talking about". So, Karen, this is what I meant.

- I am not a big hair person (I mean this in the "hair is not really my thing" sense, not "I don't have big hair", but I don't really have big hair, either), but if you haven't seen Hair Thursday, where women can submit their hairstyles and get suggestions on What to Do With It, it's pretty neat! I'm sticking with my style for now (although the platinum is on its way out), but if you're thinking of doing something new in the new year, you should check it out!

- UPDATED: Every year the Macy's in Union Square hosts puppies and kitties from the San Francisco SPCA in their storefront windows, and this year there's a live webcam! They are adorable and they all need homes. Support your local shelters and rescues!

Have a great week!

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