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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Curse you, Mercury retrograde!

Today is my birthday (!), and so the *original* plan was to have a lovely birthday tiara post up for you today. Because hey, birthday tiaras! Awesome!

Alas, my home laptop had other ideas. Ideas like the hard drive deciding that it no longer liked living.

So instead, I'm begging forgiveness for the lack of posting in general and now the extended delay in posting, as my Macbook will be sent off to Hard Drive Camp tomorrow and will hopefully return feeling fresh like a daisy. And, well, empty. It's like having a brand new laptop and yet... not.

Meanwhile, since my poor baby is already almost four years old, it could be time to start thinking about a new laptop, which is absolutely not in my budget at all...

In the mean time, go check out my recent post on BlogHer Style, where I tell you all about my spring wardrobe clearout. Or check out Karen's new flat iron review at Periodic Beauty Reviews!

How's this Mercury retrograde treating you so far? It's going on through May 11th, so we all just have to hang in there. And, if you have any laptop recommendations, I'd love to hear them, since it looks like I'll be back in that market soon. (Sigh!)

Keep your eye open for that birthday tiara post closer to Kati's birthday...!

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