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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Celebrities: They're just like us!

It's no secret that when it comes to The Office, I'm on Team Karen. (Actually, I'm on Team Jim-Doesn't-Deserve-Either-Girl. But they don't make a t-shirt for my team. ...Yet.)

But really, who can resist Jenna Fischer, especially when she's on the red carpet? Since everyone is used to seeing her as "plain Pam Beesly", it seems like everyone's surprised that, hello, she's gorgeous. I don't make an effort to be glamorous at work either, and that's why it's all the more effective to really turn it out on special occasions.

I will admit it: occasionally I am a sucker for a celebrity-endorsed product, especially if it's a celebrity I know and like. Paris Hilton? I don't think so. (Although she does have MAC lipglass in Prrr. Possibly the only thing we have in common, besides both being naturally brunette. And female.) But Jenna Fischer? You bet I'll be looking into, if not buying, something she recommends.

If you're a reader of her MySpace blog, you know that Jenna works with a stylist for her major events, but in her everyday life, she is a devoted fan of Target, as are we all. And, judging by her make-up bag's appearance in US Weekly magazine this week (as well as being featured as USmagazine.com's Look of the Day), she's also a fan of Sephora.

What does Jenna keep in her make-up bag, according to US Weekly? She's got beauty blog staples like Nars' Orgasm blush, Stila foundation, Becca concealer, and Benefit Cosmetics' Big Beautiful Eyes palette. Even on the red carpet, she's wearing Pop Beauty, Lorac, and Lancome, all Sephora-carried brands. See, even more reason to like her: she makes things easy on those of us who are easily suggestible. No frantic Googling to find the one store that carries it. No 300-dollar-an-ounce beauty potions. Just good old Sephora, where I already spend too much money anyway.

In other words? Well-played, Miss Beesly. You deserve bigger and better things than Scranton can give you.

images from usmagazine.com/wireimage.com and sephora.com

1 comment:

Kati said...

Team Pam! (or Team Jenna Fischer is the cutest thing ever!)

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