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Thursday, May 17, 2007

You light up my life!

I love supporting independent artists, whether they're local or afar, so it's no surprise that one of my favorite blogs is Modish. I used her holiday gift guide this year for some gifties, and I've bought from several of the artists she's featured -- my wallet, several pairs of earrings, and I'm always looking to see what goodies she's found. I'm especially looking forward to seeing what she finds at Makerfaire's Bizarre Bazaar this weekend, as I plan on spending some quality time and money there. I also know that Natalie from Coquette will be there as well!

One of the gifts I bought this past year was a candle from Beccalights, an independent candlemaker featured on Modish. I bought the Tannenbaum candle in glass for my mom and the Chai Tea (in the Autumn scent section) candle tin for myself. Due to a shipping mix-up, I also got some additional candles. Kristin's handling of the whole thing was really exceptional, which definitely made me want to buy from her again.

Recently, on reading Gala Darling's article on candles in jars, I remembered that I had my Beccalights candles and thought I ought to burn them. But on smelling them, I realized that all of my scents, while delicious, were a bit too autumnal for what I want right now. (Gala is totally my newest hero, by the way.)

I ordered two candles from Beccalights: Olive Blossom, which is a lovely floral, and Tomato Vine. Now, one of my most favorite perfume companies of all time is Demeter Fragrance, and, of their perfume library, my number one scent is Tomato. Sounds odd, but if you've ever picked a homegrown cherry tomato off the vine in the summer, you know how good that is. On opening the Tomato Vine candle and breathing it in, it was exactly that scent.

For lovely candles with amazing service, check out Beccalights.com and support independent merchants!

image from beccalights.com

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