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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Gift from Past Jeanne - 3-in-1 Hydration Lotion Jelly

Lately I've been having this running joke with myself about "Past Jeanne" and "Future Jeanne".

See, while I have a roommate, I have my own bedroom and my own bathroom, and sometimes just having that section of the apartment (plus the kitchen) to myself makes it like I have another couple of roommates -- "Past Jeanne" and "Future Jeanne".

Sometimes Past Jeanne is a little bit of a slacker, someone who likes to snack in bed, which ultimately becomes Future Jeanne's problem when she finds crumbs in the bed (and then I'll grouse, "Oh, Past Jeanne, whyyy"). But sometimes Past Jeanne is thoughtful, and does things like put dishes away or put the toilet paper in the holder so that Future Jeanne doesn't have to deal with it later. And I'll quietly say to myself, "Thanks, Past Jeanne."

So when I was at the Renegade Craft Fair a week and a half ago, my real-live roommate, K, and I stopped at the Birdy Botanicals booth. They offered us free lotion samples, but then the woman manning the booth pointed out that they had a 3-in-1 hydration lotion jelly that was great for sunburns -- she had noticed that K was a little pink.

Standing there in the booth, something pinged in my mind -- hmmm, I *do* need something in case I get sunburned. I should buy it just in case I get sunburned. Since three of the first four ingredients are aloe vera, cucumber, and witch hazel (the other is vegetable gelatin), I knew it would certainly be soothing. And even if I didn't get sunburned, it's also recommended as a post-shaving treatment, which I could also use. And so I bought it.

Needless to say, as I sat on my hot and uncomfortable flight back from Chicago with my shoulders so angry that if they had teeth they would be biting people, I thought about the 3-in-1 lotion waiting at home for me... and I thanked Past Jeanne for looking out for me.

image from birdybotanicals.com


Anti-aging Health Products said...

The ingredients sounds yummy! I use pure Witch Hazel as a toner and I must say, my skin never looked better. Will be looking our for this if it ever hit the shores.

smartchic said...

first time here in your blog. i've been reading some of posts, and i must say i love the way you write. you make simple product reviews sound really interesting. keep it up. :)

Sally said...

I thank Past Jeanne too for looking out for you and hope Future Jeanne's shoulders were all better!

Thanks for the props and I hope to see you at the SF Renegade Christmas Fair on December 19th and 20th.

Thanks Jeanne! Love your roomates! :)

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