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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Science Fair for July 26th-August 2nd

I cannot BELIEVE it's August already. What a crazy month July was, we've barely had time to blog about anything! Jeanne just came back from BlogHer '09 in Chicago, I'm off to Denver in a week for vacation, it's summer and we have been CRAZY BUSY. I just got home from a local pub quiz with my friend E., where a guy who looked like a short/fat John Travolta was all over us. Last night, I trekked up to the city (that would be San Francisco, darlings) to see one of my all-time favorite, much-beloved bands, Stellastarr* play at Slim's with Wild Light and Mason Proper. Stellastarr*, as ALWAYS--this is now my sixth, possibly seventh time seeing them play live--was INTENSE and TOTALLY FREAKIN' AWESOME.

-Stellastarr*'s lead guitarist/backup vocalist Michael Jurin is far away one of the most innovative, talented guitarists I have seen in my life. Check out his work in the background of Christian Siriano's Fall 2009 collection: In one of his more remarkable performances, Michael uses a shot glass as a slide on his electric guitar in every performance of Moongirl. I first saw this happen in their show a million years ago at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in probably...2003? It never fails to be completely jaw-dropping and pristine. I can wholeheartedly recommend Stellastarr*'s new album, "Civilized," since I've been listening to it nonstop for the last three weeks. Recommended if you like late Joy Division, early Talking Heads, and HIGH INTENSITY.

-Heads up SF Bay ladies, the Bay Area Derby Girls (or BAD Girls, as we know and love them) are holding tryouts for flat-track roller derby rookies on August 30th in Oakland. Jeanne will be there with quad skates and helmet on! Down in my 'hood, the Silicon Valley Roller Girls have recruitment sessions far, far away in October, but I am terrible/awesome and looking at skates already. Think we can do it?

-I have a disgusting, shameful habit. I have to do it at least once every day. I do it at work, I do it at home, I do it on the sly, I talk about it openly. I am afraid of what I might become if I stop. It's...Tastespotting. I LOVE IT. This week, Smitten Kitchen's sour cherry slab pie caught our eye. Yes, that is in actual fact a GIANT POP-TART. I could eat that whole thing in a single sitting. To the kitchen for me!

-Another guilty pleasure of mine is looking at impossibly expensive real estate online. It's the voyeurism of it, I think, that gets me--I like to see how other people live, or at least how interior designers/stagers want people to aspire to. This week, I dove headfirst into Christie's Great Estates, where you would be surprised to see the sheer volume of famous and architecturally important properties they have listed. For example: the Pickfair Estate, built by none other than Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. The Frank Lloyd Wright=designed Ennis Brown House, which I have touched after my tour of the Hollyhock House. You may recognize it from Blade Runner and Black Rain--it's not open to the public, but I just want to let everyone know that I will be winning the lottery to the tune of oh, I don't know, $20 million, then buying the Ennis House, restoring it, and promptly resting on my laurels while throwing crazy Eyes Wide Shut-style parties in my new house.

-We already Tumbled this, but good god...have you SEEN Luxirare's floating lollipop-pies??! Are they not to die for?

-This week, the UK Times Online ran first, 101 Uses for A Man, and in response, 101 Uses for A Woman. What do you think? It's all very war of the sexes, to my mind. Tongue in cheek, though, obviously.

-Big props for us this week via a link from none other than the HuffPo! It's like Arianna Huffington is right in my house, watching me blog. CRAZY.

Have a great week, everyone! Anyone have must-see (or must-shop) tips in Denver? I've got a schedule somewhat full of eating, drinking, and outdoorsiness with friends and family. I am SO READY for a vacation!

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