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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can this coat be made over?

Yes, I am back from vacation! And yes, I am already thinking about fall. I know it's not even Labor Day yet, and I'm still going to squish some more beach time in, but I'm already thinking about coats and boots and such. (Mostly how I don't need any more coats or boots.)

If you remember from, oh, February, I mentioned I really liked the coats from Luella's Fall/Winter collection. And, as I was thinking about my fall coats, it happened upon me that I do have a coat that could be turned into a Luella-esque coat that I'd wear more often. (Shop your closet!)

I bought this particular piece from Jennine of the coveted before she moved to Europe, and I believe I've worn it a grand total of once. The duster-y length is a little difficult for me to wear (I also have another coat of this length), which is why I'm thinking of shortening it up.

Pictures beloooow:

As you can see, it hits me at about mid-shin (the top of my calf, in the back); I'd like to take it up to mid-thigh, but I'm worried that because it's such a fitted coat (versus a looser one) through the waist, then flares out, that it'll look funny if it gets shortened up. It's seamed through the torso, not darted, so it can't really be taken out in the back to make the silhouette looser.

Plus, as an added complication, there are the big flapped pockets on the front -- the bottom of the pocket is a few inches below my fingers in the front photo. They'll have to be removed or altered if I have the coat shortened.

I also think I'd like to take off the big cuffs on the sleeves -- they don't need to be three-quarter length, but maybe just hitting me at the wristbone.

So, in short, here's what I think I'd like to have done:

- Shorten the length from mid-shin to mid-thigh
- Remove/alter current pockets
- Alter sleeve cuffs

I've already started looking at tailors on Yelp, but I honestly have never had to take something in for major surgery before (I've had a pair of pants hemmed -- that's it), so I'm not even sure where to begin. Is this really something that can be done with a good tailor? (I'm sure it is.) There are plenty of cleaners who do alterations around, but I really want someone who understands what I want and will make it happen with little drama and low costs.

Does anyone have a good tailor in San Francisco they recommend? Do you have any suggestions on how to find a good one? And do you think my alterations are reasonable, or will they look funny and ruin a perfectly nice coat? (A good tailor will be able to tell me if I'm being unreasonable, right?) I'm more than a little in the dark here, so your recommendations are totally welcomed!

images from periodicstyle.blogspot.com


Darci said...

Cute, cute coat,! I agree with you about all the changes you'll need to have made. I think those pockets are going to be problematic, tho. Get an estimate from your tailor before approving work – it's bound to be spendy… I'm not in SF, so I have no ideas about who to go to. Good luck!

Jeanne said...

Hi Darci,

Yes, it's a great coat! I just wish I had more opportunities to wear it, and I think if I do make the changes, I'll wear it more. I'd forgotten about the pockets and the cuffs when I first started plotting the makeover, so taking it out of the closet I realized they'd be in play...

WendyB said...

OT: somehow I can't find your email but I'll be in town tomorrow and having dinner with Fashioni.st and Poetic & Chic. You want to join? Email me at wbjewelry at hotmail dot com!


Fall is the best time for fashion!
I do love this season!

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