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Friday, February 27, 2009

Notes for Next Fall - Luella

I love coats. I guess you could argue that I collect coats, sort of. They tend to follow me home. I've bought coats in New York, in Tokyo, and off of Jennine of the coveted. (She was leaving San Francisco! I had to help!) I also love opaque tights. (This isn't a surprise to anyone, is it?)

So seeing Luella's new fall collection, with the lovely coats, opaque tights, and metallic shoes? Totally going on my list of Things To Remember in 6+ Months.

Seriously, does anyone know where I can find those shoes? I think they're flats -- I hope they're flats, because that would be excellent -- and so I guess I'm going to be looking for dark gold flats, well, now. Because they'd be cute for spring, too, with shorts and light skirts and such, but then being able to take them into fall with black tights and a coat? Awesome.

I also really like that there's a little peek of pastel blue under the classic brown coat -- that means that if I *do* find the perfect pastel blue top this spring (yes, I'm going to be looking for one, eventually), it will totally be adorable in fall as well.

Karen's concern was "WHERE ARE THEIR PANTS", which is true, but there's something so classic and mod about the silhouettes of the coats that you have to go with either the opaque tights or super-skinny jeans, and the tights are just so darn cute. Style.com describes the collection as "cute utilitarianism", which is pretty much always my go-to style anyway. Of course, this usually translates to "jeans and cute top" for me, but I should also do "little dress and tights under classic coat" more often.

While I'd definitely like to see the outfits underneath the coats, because I bet they're cute in their own right, I assume the emphasis really is that the coat is the center of the outfit. As a coat fiend, I understand. I have left my coat on the whole time I've been out at parties or wherever. And not just because I'm too lazy/cheap to coat-check (well, sometimes I am).

Another thought about this look: how adorable are the puffballs on the toes of her black shoes? They and the bag look like rabbit fur (which makes me frown), but it wouldn't be hard to make non-fur puffy shoe clips (or find them on Etsy/eBay)...

So again, another thing to remind me of when September or so rolls around: dark gold flats, puffy shoe clips, and, as always, coats!

images from style.com

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Workchic said...

As a fellow coat lover, I had one follow me home from Germany this year, love this collection! While I agree skinny jeans or opaque tights keep all the attention on the coats details; I think these styles will look perfect over tailored work trousers too.

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