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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rusty Update!

Hi everyone!

Rusty went in for his eye surgery yesterday (Monday the 16th) and pulled through just fine! They were able to complete the surgery successfully; he'll still have a little trouble with night vision, but his day vision should be better (which is good for doggie playgroup time!) shortly.

He's headed back in today to check and see that all is well with his recovering process, then once a week for the next six weeks to make sure he's still doing okay. He's got a big e-collar on that C. has added some padding to (since it rubs right up against his skin) and was completely exhausted after his surgery and spent the whole evening curled up in bed.

I want to thank everyone who chipped in with their time, their energy, their link love, and their donations -- the outpouring of love and good thoughts has been amazing. I really couldn't have done it without everyone who stepped up and said yes, they'd help.

And so, better late than never, here's the official listing of winners (who've all already been contacted):

- MsAnomaly.etsy.com: Melody
- happyhound.etsy.com: Linda
- EnchantedLoves.etsy.com: digitalmisfit
- toeNja.etsy.com: MJ
- ArtisticAnimal.etsy.com: Diana D
- tellmeastory.etsy.com: Francine
- lyndee495.etsy.com: Crystal
- allisajacobs.etsy.com: Jennifer
- cutiepiecompany.etsy.com: robin_titan
- adorkable1.etsy.com: Calee
- HarperStreet.etsy.com: valerie2350
- MySky.net custom illustration: Jamie
- Nintendogs prize pack: H.S.

Thank you again to all of the amazing Etsy sellers for participating and going above and beyond with their generosity and help!


image from periodicstyle.blogspot.com

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