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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Notes for next Fall - Rodarte

As you know, I have issues with the A/W Fashion Week presenting in February. I love coats and boots, but it's difficult for me because I'm sitting here going, "That's amazing! I want it now! And since it's February and still cold-wet-rainy, I can actually start wearing that now!"

I mean, I know that's not the point, but that's what I always think. It's still cold. It's still rainy. (Luckily I'm not in a place where there's snow.) And this is all stuff we'll be wearing *next* autumn/winter. It's not time yet, but it feels right. I don't know. Maybe I'm weird that way.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, I am a fan of Rodarte because they do amazing, amazing work with awesome shoes (you have no idea how much I long for the shoes they send down the runway every. single. season). And this most recent collection, with the gorgeous gorgeous thigh-high boots that I could probably never incorporate into my daily wardrobe, um, ever (but that doesn't stop me from wanting) and the make-up look, by MAC's James Kaliardos (who I met last season), with the super-highlighted cheekbones and dark stony lips... It's one of those things where you can admire the work and the beauty of it, but at the same time it's like... how could I wear that?

And so I've decided that what I *can* do is the cowl. Easy to do (it looks like it's just stockinette, probably knit flat, sewn along the side, and then turned so the seam is visible), easy to wear, easy to work in to my every day wardrobe. I've been wanting a cowl this winter anyway (and Jamie is giving away an adorable crocheted one), and it won't be hard to do at all. I think the hardest part will be finding the yarn... so I'm already hitting up my good friend Google. I'm not buying anything just yet, but I am bookmarking. And thinking.

This is more for my own reference, but I'll need your help here. When it comes around to September or so, remind me of this post: Rodarte cowl. I want it. Let's do it.

image from coutorture.com

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