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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Various Valentine goodness!

Yes, this Saturday is Valentine's Day, and I'm looking forward to a nice day of treating myself to things I enjoy and pampering myself. Why not? I'm not hiding under the blankets and shaking my fist at the world or wearing all black. That's just a waste of time, especially when a. it's a Saturday so I can sleep in AND stay up late if I want b. all of the chocolate goes on sale the next day and c. there is so much cute Valentine's Day stuff out there! Could you really scowl at a penguin valentine?? (If so, we can't be friends anymore. I'm sorry.)

And with that, here are some of the things that are warming my heart lately!

Cards and prints and other paper goodies:

- Awesome LUCHA LOVE valentines! from yeehaw.etsy.com.
- Printable cupcake Valentines from zuqandzoe.etsy.com.
- This awesome card and print from dazeychic.etsy.com with the best sentence ever. (It's now one of my Facebook quotes, I love it that much.)
- The Paris: City of Love prints from irenesuchocki.etsy.com. Stunning.
- The cards rounded up at oh! how lovely. (Doggies! Typewriters! Owls!)

Jewelry'n'such (because I <3 it):

- Gorgeous gold and garnet earrings at shopsomethingblue.etsy.com.
- Fun and sultry Valentine Vixen earrings from barbarellabeadworks.etsy.com.
- The ring that I've been thinking about for ages? It's this silver and gold heart ring from artisanimpact.etsy.com.
- I've been gnashing my teeth over this garnet ring from metalicious.etsy.com because I have tinytiny fingers and this ring is so not my size (gnash, gnash, gnash!). So maybe it's yours...
- And, of course, the stellar Wendy Brandes jewelry, particularly the Anne Cleves ring. (Kate Beaton has a great saucy little comic featuring Anne Cleves, as well as Tycho Brahe and Hatshepsut. And, you know, a little bit of a language warning.)

Any plans for Valentine's Day, or are you just planning on enjoying your Saturday for being a Saturday?

images from yeehaw.etsy.com and barbarellabeadworks.etsy.com

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