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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Science Fair for February 23rd - March 1st

It's Sunday, and so it's Science Fair time!

- We believe in science (obviously) and we definitely believe in cupcakes, and so we're stoked that there's a periodic table of cupcakes. Delicious and educational!

- So apparently Google is now mapping the ocean, which shows an interesting grid pattern under the sea. Could it be... Atlantis? Probably not, but fascinating all the same.

- Did you catch our bonus material over at Periodic Beauty? Karen and I put together a post on modernizing classic Barbie beauty and fashion for her 50th anniversary.

- In other spin-off news, I'm totally looking forward to the Gossip Girl spinoff starring Brittany Snow as Lily Rhodes (Serena's mother). I guess that's one more show to add to my must-watch list...

- Finally, Karen's been getting hammered over the head with these twice a week every week, but if you're watching American Idol, you have to read Jacob's recaps at TelevisionWithoutPity. Jacob is my most favorite recapper ever (his Gossip Girl work? Stunning!), and so I watch American Idol just so I can read his recaps.

Have a lovely, lovely week!

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