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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Braaains! and Etsy!

We're not dead, just kind of lurching along through the week! I promise things will perk up again soon...

In the meantime, while I'm dragging my feet, here's a various collection of some excellent zombie stuff from Etsy and beyond.

- Last weekend, I picked up Zombies Calling, the story of three college students who suddenly realize that yes, the z-words are real and taking over their campus. For more about Zombies Calling, check out the creator's website at FaithErinHicks.com.

- This zombie lolita dress from wearydrearies.etsy.com is absolutely haunting and gorgeous. (Is it too soon to start thinking about Halloween?)

- rockythezombie.etsy.com is a shop dedicated to the sweetest little zombies. I mean, they love cupcakes! And flowers!

- Bloodbath.etsy.com has some ghoulishly nifty products, from "Lip Embalm" to sugar scrubs with scents like Petrifying Pomegranate.

- HushHush.etsy.com has some killer (ahem) jewelry, including a ZOMBIE necklace and the slasher fan necklace.

- Oh, and how could I forget! Re: Your Brains. I'm among the zombie hordes here in this clip, and I would say "listen closely and you can hear me", but you can't. It's just too much zombie goodness.

Here's hoping this week doesn't continue to eat my brain!

image from amazon.com

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