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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Science Fair for March 2nd-8th

Hi guys! I'm back from my business trip to sunny San Diego, where I discovered the amazing Pannikin Coffee & Tea, enjoyed lunch at Cafe 222, and sat in a conference for two days straight.

-Jeanne sent over this story on Glamour's photoshoots re-imagining present-day actresses as female "icons" of the 20th century. Our favorites are Rosie the Riveter, Althea Gibson, and OF COURSE! Michelle Obama. Amelia Earhart and Mary Tyler Moore deserve better.

-The UK Evening Standard has branded one of Posh's recent airport outfits crazy a la Thunderbirds. When you say Thunderbirds chauffeur to me, though, all I can think of is Team America: World Police. Would mere mortals be able to wear that cuckoo outfit of Posh's? Can a girl dream? Gary?

-I just discovered that the Polyvore head offices are just down the street from some of my favorite haunts here in Silicon Valley. Thus, when I ran across Blaze Danielle's all-grown-up versions of childhood storybook girls' fashion, I felt inspired! The Boxcar Children and the Chronicles of Narnia were probably my most favorite childhood books besides Goodnight, Moon. So many siblings who had adventures together, when I only had one who never took me on any adventures! (Except for that one time we explored the creek and my brother later told people he found a severed human ear. Liar!)

-You will just DIE when you see this baby otter falling asleep. I want him! He could live in my bathtub and be an adorably comical wild animal friend who would eventually have to be released back to his natural habitat, leading to sorrowful tears! Oh, my heart swells up with emotion just watching it.

Wishing you sleepy otter pups, happy childhood memories, and safe travels for the week ahead! My next trip will take me to Las Vegas, NV at the end of the month--anyone have interesting shops to share?

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