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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Science Fair for March 23rd-29th

This week's is a spoooooky Science Fair...brought to you by the various joys and terrors of friends' GChat status messages, and our random web navigating! It's bad, every day without fail, I will send Jeanne a steady stream of links to interesting news articles, she sends me an onslaught of beauty-blogging posts. We should just run our own Jezebel site to boot, for how much we discuss the articles and comments on their site!

-From my college friend Stephanie (we bonded over weekly Tuesday nights watching Law & Order: SVU), the 21 Best Ghost Photos ever documented. I am a natural skeptic, but some of them are JUST TOO WEIRD. There have to be explanations, right?

-Culled from the best of the food photography best, aka Tastespotting, is Denver blogger Rachel Ruff's Egg McRuffin. Let me tell you, when I was living on my own, I basically ate this every single morning, noon, and night. My version: one toasted crumpet, one slice pan-fried Canadian bacon, maybe a slice of sharp cheddar cheese, and an egg cooked over-hard. NOM NOM NOM, as the kids say.

-I just came back from a business trip to dry, tourist-filled Las Vegas, where I wasted two of my hard-earned dollars on tiki slots machines, had no alcohol, and thoroughly enjoyed the Mandalay Bay hotel gym/spa. I walked down the Strip, those recreations of the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty are WEIRD. Photographer Michael Hughes has a different take on the world's greatest landmarks: he replaces them with strategically positioned souvenirs. Genius!

-Upon my glorious return to California, which by the way is far superior to Nevada, I was bit by the baking bug and made a delightfully zesty orange cornmeal cake. This recipe has been approved by me, my family, and Jeanne! (If I hadn't brought her the rest of the cake, I would have eaten it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!)

-If you are a big fan of Easter eggs, check out Our Best Bites' silk-dyed eggs tutorial. Color me impressed! Who knew some old silk ties could be so lovely imposed onto delicous, delicious eggs? I may have to go raid a few closets...

-Last but not least, as if your cholesterol hasn't spiked dangerously already reading this Science Fair, I present--for your heartburn-inducing pleasure--CHICKEN FRIED BACON. Thank, and good night!

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