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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Science Fair for March 16th - 22nd

Happy Sunday! I took three days off of work this past week, so I'm currently on my fifth day of weekend... and am, well, ready to go back to work tomorrow! But I definitely enjoyed my time off. And so this week's Science Fair is a very home-y one.

- As I spent my brief vacation ("staycation", if you will, although that is an awful word) here in San Francisco, here's a little tidbit about Mayor Gavin Newsom, particularly what hair product he uses.

- Have you been following SFGirlByBay's Ode to My Deco series? Since Domino is closing down (noooo), she's been going through the Domino My Deco Files website and pulling all sorts of inspirational photo sets, from color themes (pink, turquoise, grey, white) to specific rooms (kitchens, dining areas, front rooms, bedrooms) to ways people display their collections or their artwork. Fascinating and inspiring stuff.

- Speaking of fascinating and inspiring stuff in your house, Chronicle Books has a fake deer-head for you to put together from foam core and wallpaper from their new book Dorm Decor. (My dorm decor was usually tapestries and string lights that I'd buy from street vendors, which would then fall down on my stomach or head in the middle of the night.)

- If I knew how to quilt, I would be making this color wheel quilt. I don't know if I would put it on my bed or put it on the wall, but I have loved this quilt for years.

- I recently (finally) went and picked up some soy sauce, mirin, and sesame oil at my local supermarket, so that means that nikujaga and oyako donburi is going to be happening, what what! (It looks like I have to get some cooking sake too.) And I've asked for my crockpot to finally come up to the city with me, so cooking experiments are a go.

Have a great week!

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