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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm on a lake!

I'm officially on vacation! (I really wanted/asked for a laptop-free vacation -- I fulfilled my part, by not bringing *my* laptop but my parents brought theirs and here I am, sitting on "Big George's Network". Sorry, Big George. This is the only time I'll be swiping your wifi, I swear.)

I'm at the lovely Lake Tahoe, yearly vacation site of my youth, up in the Sierra Nevada. So far so good, but here are a couple of highlights:

- I got sunburned (again). This is what happens when you go outside! The sun! I did not bring the Birdy's Botanicals hydration lotion, so I've got a giant bottle of aloe the color of blue raspberry jello.

- I was told, in the car, that we would be going bicycling (and possibly hiking). I, planning for a week of beach time, beach time, and beach time, brought four pairs of sandals. Needless to say, there was some quick work of "where can we find basic sneakers??" done, and I came away with a pair of Vans oxfords from a board shop. ("If they sell snowboards, they have to have Vans!")

- I have not been eaten by a bear. (Yet.) Always a plus.

- I forgot that high altitude makes chip bags puff up and tubed beauty products squirt everywhere. (!!) Ladies in places like Denver, how do you deal?

- I spent easily a couple of hours on a boat and didn't even realize -- I'M ON A BOAT:

I'm about to head out to the beach, and I probably won't be checking in again until after I'm back from the mountains, but until then, have a great week!

image from the_tahoe_guy on flickr


Karen said...

I didn't notice anything in my purse (tube lipgloss) burst, but I did bring very minimal beauty products...ladies in Denver seem to swing to either extreme of the spectrum, too much makeup or none at all. I did, however, experience altitude sickness when I stepped out of the car in Boulder! It was bad news.

Jeanne said...

The only thing that wanted to escape was, of course, the Perfekt primer -- all of a sudden it started rushing out of the tube and I was like WHAT, NO, YOU ARE EXPENSIVE, GET BACK IN THERE.

I was over 6000 feet -- no altitude sickness, though.

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