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Monday, October 19, 2009

Science Fair for October 12 - 18th

Eeek, it's a late Science Fair!

I was at APE with L. for most of the weekend, then at the Treasure Island Music Festival with Karen last night, so there was barely any computer time for me at all! (But it was fun!)

- Academichic covers comfortable yet chic shoes. (I know I've been living in my flat Palladium boots the past couple of weeks!)

- If you're in San Francisco this Thursday, come out to Velo Rouge Cafe for the very first Style Cinema SF night!

- Well-dressed San Francisco men abound at The SF Style's Man Morsel Mondays. (Points get docked for ciggies, at least in my book.)

- Halloween guides! Halloween guides! My most favorite thing of all! There's posts coming from What I Wore and The Coveted. I am so. excited.

- Karen and I are staring down some big looming challenges for a certain ladies-only contact sport this month (wow, has it really been a year since I wrote that post?), so I've been trying to commit the Rollergirl.ca Fresh Meat File to memory.

Have a great week! It's a busy one for me (so very busy!), but I will do my best. xoxo!

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