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Monday, June 04, 2007

2 Beautiful 2 B in America?

I admit to being a little late on the Lush bandwagon. It's taken me a couple of trips to the store, a couple of times trying things out, and a couple of mishaps by not remembering if it's a soap or a massage bar I've got in my little plastic bag. (Note: When water starts beading up on you in the tub, it's not soap.) But slowly and surely, with some help from Kati, I've been building up my Lush collection. I love the Floating Island bath melts, and I've switched to Angels on Bare Skin for my evening face wash with great results.

So what's missing? The beauty line, clearly -- why not a beauty line with the same principles of Lush? Surprise! There is one -- B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. With highly pigmented (!) vegan (!!) products and amazing packaging (part of the fun of picking out your eyeshadow is picking out the case it's in), the two London stores are bursting with color and style. Alas, there are only the two London stores as well as a store in Poole. While the online shop ships to the US, it's at a hefty price -- the equivalent of $50 to ship one eyeshadow to California.

Cross your fingers and hope that Lush expands out this line; surely the worldwide success of their bath and body products will make them realize that their cosmetics should spread out and conquer, too.

Until then, you can find B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful at their London shops in Covent Garden and Carnaby Street, their Poole shop, and online at BNeverTooBusyToBeBeautiful.com. Sigh.

image from bnevertoobusytobebeautiful.com

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