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Friday, June 15, 2007

Nancy Drew: Head of the Class in Headbands!

It should come as no surprise that we love 1960s vintage style here. So it probably shouldn't be a shock that one of the movies I am most excited to see this summer is Nancy Drew. I secretly love watching fluffy preteen movies to see the fashions, and throw in adorable Emma Roberts in vintage inspired twinsets? I love it. (There are no headbands in this picture, I just think the dress is adorable.)

While no normal 16 year old girl would run around like this, Emma Roberts totally pulls it off. She looks adorable in every cap I've seen of the movie, with her kicky headbands and her cute dresses, just like she looked adorable in everything the Teen Vogue people threw on her last month. (At least inside the magazine. The cover shot was a little stiled, especially for Teen Vogue.) Now if only we could see some caps of her shoes!

I guess I have to go see the movie for that.

While we can't all be 16 again like Emma Roberts, there's nothing wrong with stealing some inspiration from her Nancy Drew wardrobe. I like the fabric covered headband idea, especially with a cute one that buttons in the back underneath your hair. Neat and tidy! If you're crafty, it would be easy to sew one of these together, or knit up a cute garter stitch version of this. (The holes make great buttonholes!) If you're not, Modcloth has a cute chain-link inspired headband here.

Adding a matching headband to a skirt pulls this outfit together, keeping it retro and fun, instead of boring and frumpy.

Sadly, I do not wear as many headbands as I'd like to in my day to day life, since at my current job I wear a headset everyday. I'm looking forward to jury duty so I can wear headbands in my time off from work!

What are your thoughts on headbands?

Images from http://www.fabulous-emma.com/.

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Jeanne said...

Dude, I have already had many discussions on headbands with you, but I just thought you should know that American Apparel (duh, of course!) has many of the fabric-loop type of headbands in all sorts of colors and patterns (rainbow stripe!) for fairly reasonable prices (around 3.50 or so). I bought myself two skinny ones (black and hot pink!) today.

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