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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When Movie-Inspired Hair Goes Wrong

I love the girl who cuts my hair. She's great, she's very affordable, I'm always happy to see her, and we've gotten to the point that I can sit in the chair and she knows what to do. She gives me tea, we talk about life, all is well. This summer will be three years since I started seeing her for my hair, and I won't go to anyone else.

We both know that we love the Jean-Seberg-in-"Breathless" haircut, as below, as she is My Ideal Style Icon in so many ways:

Jean Seberg in Breathless
I love having it, she loves cutting it ("I saw you were scheduled for today and I was so excited to get to cut your hair!"), and it works out perfectly. I get compliments, and I give her card out.

There's a catch, though -- she's so good, and now she's gotten so popular, that I have to wait longer and longer for haircuts. Three weeks ago, I tried to get a haircut scheduled for the next week before I left on vacation. No go. I got pushed back to this week. The last time I got my hair cut was in early November, and so I've just been getting shaggier and shaggier.

Due to this, I unintentionally have a new movie-beauty icon -- this guy:

Edward Freaking Cullen.
Yeah. My hair has decided that it wants to be Edward Cullen's hair.

This is not okay with me.

It's particularly bad on waking up, especially if it's the second day after washing. It stands up if I run my fingers through it, and it definitely stands up if I brush it up.

I kid you not -- there is no product, just brushing up my less-than-clean hair:

BAM. RPattz hair. (And fake-Wayfarers, because vampires and hipsters are pretty much the same thing.)

But maybe you're having a hard time seeing the resemblence? Here, I've fixed it:

There we go. (Also, how awesome is my bubble wrap calendar in the background? SUPER-AWESOME. My mom knows me so well.)

My haircut appointment is today, and I'm pretty relieved.

(EDITED TO ADD: Dang it! She's rescheduled! I'm stuck with RPattz hair until Friday! I jinxed it!!)

But if I get jumped by a pack of teenage girls before then, well, you can see why.

images from imdb.com, twilight-review.com, and periodicstyle.blogspot.com


Tee said...

Hahaha. That is too funny.
Would love to cultivate a relationship with my hair stylist like that! Now to find the right one...

99Perfume said...

That definitely made me laugh! I know how you feel about when you find that one person who can cut your hair like no ones business. Ive been going to the same hairstylist for almost 14 years and through all of my changes, she always knows what I want and with limited tips she can do it!

-Best of luck with your search if you have to end up going elsewhere

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