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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Fe-blah-uary Blues

Swedish Hasbeens Super-High Peeptoe in Bordeaux
Happy February? Well, not really.

I'm still in a very blah sartorial mood lately -- I've been holding onto my budget as tightly as I can, which means I'm not bringing much if any new clothes in, and my "give to Goodwill" bag is growing. (This goes for make-up, too -- I got a $50 gift card to Sephora for Christmas, and I haven't made it to the store. Yesterday I went to the beauty supply shop, and they had all of the OPI Alice in Wonderland and Hong Kong polishes, and I didn't buy any.)

I'm feeling incredibly bored by my whole wardrobe and "look"; I feel like I've followed all of the "find what you like and what looks good on you and buy ten of it" rules, but now I've got a wardrobe full of solid or striped long-sleeve tops, solid sweaters and cardigans, and dark jeans. It's the same thing every day and I'm just sick of everything I own and wear. I've been constantly pouring over websites and looking through stores, but I'm still in my "there's nothing here worth spending my money on" funk. I haven't even purchased anything off of Etsy since September or August (and you know I love spending my money at Etsy).

Plus, since it's February, I don't want to go and buy a new coat or boots, since spring is coming up (and I'm tired of looking at coats and boots), but it's also not close enough to actual spring to start buying spring clothes (especially in San Francisco, where there isn't much spring anyway). It's seasonal limbo and I hate it.

It's one of those months where you just have to push through at this point, and it certainly doesn't make for inspiring blogging. (Sorry!)

I will say that I'm dying for a pair of Swedish Hasbeen peep toes for spring and summer; they're everything I've ever wanted in a spring sandal. Again, budget-wise, they're not in the picture right now. But I do love them.

Right now, I'm finding the most inspiration from Sally Jane Vintage and Liebemarlene Vintage -- I always love what they do and find. So I'm starting to perk up a little, but we've got a ways to go before spring...

How are you doing this February? Are you inspired, or are you in the doldrums like me? What's inspiring you lately? (Please share!)

image from swedishhasbeens.com


Nathalia Black said...

Awww. I hope you get out of your blues soon... though it does help on saving money, doesn't it?
My personal cure was starting to look at "how-to" websites for instructions on business-looks, for an internship I am starting this summer. (Yes, this summer, you read it right. But better prepared than sorry. ;-)) At least, thats timeless.
Since I live in a city with a loooong winter, moderately long spring and practically no summer, my wardrobe consists of all-year-rounders, you know things that can be layered (and it all matches!)
Still, I am cheering myself up with searching and ordering flimsy blouses, to match my all-year jeans, sundresses, sandals... just ignoring the voice that says, summer is months away, and with the Salzburg-Weather, I might just wear each piece once this year (probably with a jacket).
Still, I till then, I will wear it at home, with the heating turned on and a waves-crash-on-beach-CD, exotic drink in hand and eyes closed. ;-)

Jeanne said...

Hi Nathalia,

Congratulations on your internship!! That's awesome! I'd definitely be spending my time working on business looks too!

Yes, I know the "all-year-round" wardrobe well -- San Francisco's summers are famous for being chilly, not to mention air conditioning at work! All of my cute summer clothes get worn with cardigans...

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