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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Smudged and smoky into spring!

Rag & Bone from Style.comIf you're following our Tumblr, Periodicals, at all, you may have already seen the Beauty Counter blog article on the Rag & Bone make-up for Fall '10/'11. But since I love Rag & Bone -- and Gucci Westman's looks for Rag & Bone, as this isn't the first time I've loved her work -- I'm pointing it out again here, because this is exactly the look I want for spring. The smudgy "yeah I should have taken off my eyeliner but I didn't" eyes and the soft lips? Love it.

The best part? It's easy and inexpensive to recreate -- holla at your Revlon! I picked up the Soft Nude Colorburst lipstick at Walgreens, but you can grab it at drugstore.com, too.

While I've generally been shying away from the nude lip, as it sometimes gives me a bit of the zombie-face, I can't deny that it can look really great with a dark liner. And even though right now I'm looking at the fall faces, I don't see why it can't be incorporated for spring.

NARS for Marc Jacobs A/W '10/'11Another great dark-eye soft-lip look from the most recent Fashion Week is the NARS look for Marc Jacobs, which features the sheer peach Barbarella lipstick and a soft violet-tinted smoky eye with lots and lots of eyeliner. It's just the right amount of pretty and dirty that's hitting my sweet spot for spring. (Plus, with Marc Jacobs specifically requesting Barbarella as the lipstick for all of his models, I think it's a little apparent that I needed to Have It Too. So it's on its way.)

With all of the French-mod-hipster lady references, how could I resist? Everyone already knows I want to run away to late 50's/early 60's Paris. (And yeah, maybe there's a little bit of the Kate Moss in there. What can I say?)

Since I usually play up my lips with colors, it'll be an interesting trial for me to see if I can adjust to a pale lip. I've been dragging my feet for what feels like years on it, but these looks are just that good. It's probably just an issue of finding the right lipstick, much like how everyone worries about finding The Perfect Red. So far, I'm digging the Revlon, but I'm excited to play with Barbarella.

Plus, then I can put the juicy colors on my nails -- I'm thinking glossy jelly pink, like Butter London's new Twee. Dark eyes, pale lips, vibrant nails? Sounds like a swinging mod spring to me!

Finally, after all of these months of ennui, I'm feeling much more inspired. What a relief!

So -- what did you see at NYFW that you really like for spring? Even if it's for fall, what do you think you want to pull in as an "early adopter"?

images from style.com and narscosmetics.com

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WendyB said...

"Twee" is such a great name for a color!

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