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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The hastiest of pre-finals posts.

This should be another themed post about Saint Patrick's Day, but alas, I have thirty minutes before I leave town for the day to visit one of my friends. Time management has been a saving grace and a stumbling block for me this year, all rolled up into one little package of "AHHHH!" This post at Get Rich Slowly about avoiding timesuck pretty much is an accurate description of some of the trade-offs I’ve had to make—her list of after-work goals matches up almost identically with mine, and so do her distractions.

And the sad part is? I'm not even one of those crazy kids who's doing full-time work and full-time school. I still manage to fit in three yoga sessions a week and I'm adding in two hikes/jogs a week. I’m loving the energy, not loving the constant hunger while my body gets used to cardio again. But running is easy to fit into the mornings before work, and of course my WiiFit yells at me if I don’t do my yoga. All of this should be a good build up for my dance class next term, which I am unbelievably looking forward to. However, it’s going to be even more of a struggle to fit everything in considering I’m now going to have less than 12 hours in-between classes. Scheduling school around work is no joke here.

Good thing that extra glass of wine I’ll be having to help me cope might actually be a good thing.

I have never been so excited about spring break, if only so I have time to get a haircut, drink some green beers with friends, and write a blog post about shopping for workout clothes.

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