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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Great Wardrobe Clear-Out of 2010

It is so past time for this, you guys.

I've been in a cleaning and clearing mode lately, which I suppose is a good thing considering that my room currently looks like a tornado hit it. After traveling, etc., it really does look like a disaster zone and Something Must Be Done.

I finally sat down and organized all of my nail polish (but now I feel like I should do it again, once my make-up is organized), I did a shoe clearout (including the navy boots I never figured out how to wear), and after the wardrobe, I have to tackle my make-up. And my sock/tights drawer. And my underwear. And I appear to have wakened a slumbering beast.

Anyway, as part of just general housekeeping and upkeep, I did my laundry, which is always a good starting point for thinking about your clothes and your wardrobe. And so I decided -- why not start with the clothes that are *not* in the laundry -- the clothes that obviously haven't been worn recently enough to have gone in this last laundry run?

So that's where I started, with the long sleeved shirts (a thinner batch, due to the late winter/early spring weather), and then the short sleeved shirts. I did a tank top clean up in the fall, but I'll revisit them again once it's warmer. Sweaters, you bet. If I really don't think I'll wear it again, into the bag. If I'm sick of wearing it, into the bag. It's like a reality show -- you're in, you're out. No sentiment allowed.

It's also a good way to get perspective -- what do I really wear now, versus what I used to wear. What shapes, what colors, what style do I really wear? What am I missing?

And so I'm really just clearing it out, and it's clearing up my head space too, just to go through and say "no, no, no, let's be honest, no". Three bags full, and out you go.

Have you ever done a drastic wardrobe pruning? Or are you in need of one?

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Tara said...

I recently did one, back in February. A sewing studio that I work with had a "Naked Lady Party" where everyone brings their castoffs and you take turns shopping everyone else's wares. Since it was at a sewing studio you could alter whatever you wanted. It was fun and you got rid of stuff and got new stuff. :)

Jeanne said...

Hi Tara,

How fun! I've always wanted to go to a swap party -- I tried to do Swap-o-Rama-Rama at Maker Faire one year, which is another "bring a bag, leave with something cool and re-created" event, but I just got overwhelmed by everything. I think in the context of a party it would be a lot more fun!

WendyB said...

I don't need them very much anymore ... I used to though!

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