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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How would you wear these boots?

Frye Sunny Multistrap Boots in MarineOkay, it's officially fall now -- the mornings are getting darker, the weather is getting colder, and I'm pulling my boots out of the closet.

Last fall, I found a pair of Frye Sunny multi-strap boots at TJ Maxx -- they're navy, they're flat, and they go perfectly over jeans. The only problem is... they're navy. And while I'm in the "navy is a neutral" camp most of the time, it's hard to pair up navy when it's a boot, don't you think? Plus, somehow in the past couple of skinny-jeans-years, I've managed to clear out pretty much every single pair of bootcut jeans from my closet.

And while part of me is thinking maybe I give them to someone who will appreciate them more, at the same time, they're still really fricking nice boots. And I should wear them more! (Along with my other boots!)

Thus, to help me figure out what I'm doing with them, I put together a Polyvore with three different outfit options! (Of course I did!)

frye boots!

The first outfit is the one I'd be most likely to wear -- dark denim skinnies, boots over, basic solid-color top and cardigan. I'm worried about the denim and navy being so close that they clash, though?

The second outfit actually incorporates a piece I have, which is the Aeropostale long stripy tunic sweater. (Outlet shopping, holla!) I paired it with black corduroy in the Polyvore, but I also just bought some skinny black jeans in New York, so they could work there too. If we're cool with pairing navy boots with skinny black pants, that is.

Finally, I've paired black tights and a grey skirt and a raspberry long-sleeved top. This is something I'd wear with black boots, so why not swap out with the navy boots?

What do you think -- do these outfits work? (Do I need to take actual pictures for everyone?) Do you have any suggestions for how to incorporate these boots into my everyday wardrobe? Do you have any particularly difficult pieces in your collection, and how have you managed to work 'em in?

images from thefryecompany.com and polyvore.com


Karen said...

Denim cannot clash with anything, unless it is with other denim OR a super-kitschy 1980s acid/light wash jean.

As much as I am totally into the black/navy pairing, I think the black pants with the navy boot could give the impression of, "Yeah, this outfit is awesome, I was kind of hungover this morning and it was dark in my room so I picked up what I thought were jeans and boots and only just realized they are not the same color." Know what I mean?

Jeanne said...

I dunno, man, you know I love my dark washes, and the dark wash is about the same color as the navy, but just barely different enough that it's slightly off?

And yeah, I hear that too. I also have the dark grey Uniqlo skinnies, which gives a more-pleasing contrast. Still, it's tough pairing a navy boot, even if it's so dark that I mistook it for black.

Anonymous said...

The only one I might not wear would be the jeans outfit. But then again, I've been losing my sense of what clashes..

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