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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Science Fair for August 31st - September 6th

Yes, it's been a while since we've done a Science Fair -- sorry! I hope you missed them, at least?

Anyway, Karen and I are technically out on the beach right now (woohoo!), but here is a very blogger-happy Science Fair for your perusal!

- Need some packing tips? Fashion for Nerds is off to Argentina, and she's sharing her packing tips for beauty products and clothing. I love peeking in other people's suitcases!

- Going to be in NYC on September 10th? Check out the Fashion's Night Out events at j'adore couture. Man!

- Are you looking forward to Where the Wild Things Are? Check out the awesome blog/dramaturgy (filmaturgy?) they're keeping to track their inspirations (and show some behind the scenes magic) at weloveyouso.com. I seriously spent a good hour or two just clicking through and absorbing it. Awesome.

- Some gorgeous and, yes, creepy autochromes at LiebeMarlene for you.

- If you haven't heard Winona's Big News, go check it out! Yay, Winona!

- Finally, if you're planning on coming to San Francisco (we've finally got nice weather!), here are some places to eat via the NYTimes. Some PeriodicStyle favorites from the article: Humphry Slocombe, Miette, Bi-Rite Creamery -- are you seeing a pattern here? (But definitely do go to the Academy of Sciences -- it is AWESOME.)

Hope you're enjoying your final summer weekend! I know we are!

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Order Soma Online said...

Thanks for the Fashion for Nerds link. I needed all the help I can get. Can't decide about what to pack and how to get everything into my case.. thanks a lot and enjoy the break.

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