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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NYFW iPhone Photo Drop - The Finale!

I got home from New York on Saturday, it's now Wednesday, and I'm running out of excuses! Jet lag only works for so long...

After indulging my inner Blair Waldorf, I went and indulged my inner Liz Lemon. Because I have both an inner Blair and an inner Liz.

After all of my time standing and sitting around in the tents, I kept seeing blown-out bobs left and right... but only once was it The Bob:

(Yes, I still need to go see the September Issue, but I will probably go see Fame and Whip It first, because FAME. And ROLLER DERBY.)

Finally, on my last day, before I dragged my luggage from the UWS to JFK, I went wandering out to Central Park, and my entry point was Strawberry Fields. I've always wanted to go, and in a quiet moment, without tourists kneeling all over it, I took a picture of the famous "Imagine" mural. I wish I'd brought my real camera with me, but it turned out pretty nicely for an iPhone photo. It's a lovely little part of Central Park.

I'm hoping to get back into the groove in the next day or two, but until then, you can read the rest of my Fashion Week coverage at BlogHer:

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- Isaac Mizrahi Spring/Summer 2010
- The Fashion Insider Scoop for Fall

images from periodicstyle.blogspot.com


jennine said...

holy moly, that's great you got wintour!

Jeanne said...

I was already fiddling around with my iPhone (checking Twitter or email or something), so I just snapped it as quickly as I could! She actually glanced over at me when I lifted up my phone to snap a picture, then kept on moving. (Totally digging her navy suit, too.)

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