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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feedback Form: Born "Kelle" Boots

Instead of heading to the tents today, I went a-stomping around Williamsburg with Ms. S, and of course she not only took me to Brooklyn Industries, but to Shoe Market as well. Dangerous times, friends.

And because I love me some heeled boots, and Karen and I have been going crazy over "old timey girl" lace-up boots lately... I spotted the Kelle boots by Born. They're pretty much perfect -- real leather, up to the calf, zipper up the sides, great heel (since I'm picky about heel shapes), and they're Born, so they're totally comfortable.

The issue is, would I wear them? I don't often wear tights and skirts (I happen to be doing so today, hooray), but if I did have these boots, wouldn't I wear tights and skirts (and thus the boots) more often? I think I might.

Ms. S and I felt this was a bit of a conundrum, which is why I've decided to ask for more opinions. Should I think more solidly about the boots? I do think they're a little high, since they hit me right at the meatiest part of my calf, but they really are cute and comfortable.

So, let's hear the feedback -- what do you think? Yes? No? Spend some more time thinking about 'em?

image from bornshoes.com


Anonymous said...

Eeeee! Super cute! Need some mutton chop sleeves as well!

Karen said...

I die for that flipping Williamsburg Shoe Market--Ms. S was in fact with me when I bought my two-tone grey and black "old-timey girl" Jeffrey Campbell spectator heels there. And they matched my old glasses...le sigh. Love them, love that store, love that whole block in Williamsburg despite its super-hipster-y-ness! Did you see the Fred Flare goodness at that funky Harajuku-y boutique around the corner from Shoe Market?

I can also whole-heartedly recommend Born shoes, they are extra-comfy with good arch support. Just bought a pair of Born heels at Nordstrom Rack, love itttt.

carol said...

The boots are beautiful and i've actually been lusting after them for a while. Love all my Born shoes.

Question: do the laces really work, or are they just for show, since the boots have side zippers? Can the laces be adjusted at all?

Jeanne said...

Hi Carol,

Great question! You know, I didn't try to work with the laces -- they were closely fit on my calves already, so they didn't really need to be tightened. I would imagine that they can be adjusted somewhat, but I just went ahead and zipped right up. They are likely more for show than for real use, but I'm sure they can be untied and retied -- they're not solely decorative.

carol said...

Excellent! Many thanks. i think this definitely tips me into the category of going ahead and ordering these boots online. i've been looking forever for lace-up boots. Glad to hear that the heels are okay, too -- i am usually leery of heels that might be too high.

In the fall and winter, i'm totally a tights-and-skirt girl, so can't wait to own these. Thanks again for the info and recommendation.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I don't know about you but I am going to buy them.

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