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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Planning a Viewing Party

The Oscars are coming up on Sunday, and Gossip Girl is back on Monday. What better time to plan a little viewing party for your friends or yourself? Epicurious has a detailed entertaining guide for everyone who’s a planner. It’s a little too detailed for my personal tastes, but I’m basically a fly by the seat of my pants entertainer. I’ll have themes picked out for months, but wait until the day of to throw everything together, including costumes, food and music, which keeps me from getting too perfectionist-y about it.

But sometimes I like to plan a little in advance, especially where food is concerned. It’s not a secret that Gossip Girl is my favorite night to eat snacks and vegetate, a joy that will soon be taken from me once my Hip-Hop class starts. But I still have three weeks to enjoy the last snackfests of this season.

What am I thinking about eating?

There’s always the classic Strawberries and Champagne—classy and delicious, just like these two events!

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with veggies and dips—instead of ranch or blue cheese, there are a million other options. One of my favorites is salsa (even more veggies!) or artichoke parmesan dip-- something I only eat at parties. I can’t have it in my house without gaining five pounds, hahahaha.

For the Oscars, cute little bags of parmesan pepper popcorn sound like just the ticket. Or if you want to get even more movie themed, Epicurious has a list of menus and recipes based on the best picture nominees here.

For Gossip Girl snacktime, there’s always the infamous truffle grilled cheese from the Gossip Girl pilot. But even more themed? Brunch food! Time to bust out the waffle irons, it’s waffle time. Josh Schwartz has always had a thing for breakfast food in his shows, and right now our waffle love is coinciding. Melted cheese and fruit on waffles? Yes please! Maybe even some cinnamon and other spices? Yes!

Although, knowing myself, I’ll probably just make some sushi.

Do you like viewing parties? Or are you all viewing partied out after the Superbowl and the Olympics?

Image from youknowyouloveme.org.


Lexie said...

i would have liked to have been invited to any of these viewing parties! i do not have TV! alas, post-event internet updates will have to suffice.

WendyB said...

We had chips, vegetables and dip, crackers and cheese and pate and Prosecco.

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