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Monday, July 23, 2007

So You Dress Like You Dance

I may be risking death, or at least a severe scolding, with this post, since feelings on this topic still run strong. (Just ask the Go Fug Yourself girls!)

So. Leggings. (Kati screams somewhere in the distance.) I admit, I kind of like them... when done right. It's hard not to go to dance classes twice a week and watch the other girls and how they incorporate leggings into their daily outfits. I would often wear mine under my jeans all day, then whip off my pants once I got into the classroom. But other girls would wear them under skirts, under short dresses, all sorts of cute arrangements. And because they were dancers, it was okay! The leggings were absolutely necessary!

And now they're trendy. They've been trendy for a while, but now that it's nearly fall again (sigh), it's time to start thinking about leggings and opaque tights again. The tights, at least, aren't going away. And with every store stocking cheap tights, it's really worth thinking if this is something you want to (gasp) invest in, because there's nothing worse than getting a run.

So, like Susie Bubble's post on figure skating fashion, I say this: go to the source. Go and buy the real thing: dance leggings and dance tights from brands like Danskin and Capezio. They're extremely sturdy, keep your legs warm, and won't snag on your nails when you pull them on. There's also the amazing option of "convertible" tights, with a reinforced opening at the arch of the foot -- you put your foot through the hole, roll up the excess fabric and voila, footless tights! I found these excellent for wearing underneath jeans as well -- roll down the fabric and slip your foot back in, and then put on your shoes. No one can tell you're not wearing "normal" tights!

At about 22 dollars for a pair of Danskin capri leggings and around 12 dollars for a pair of tights, they aren't as cheap as other trendier options, but they won't break the bank and, as always, you get what you pay for. Or, if you feel a little more adventurous, there's always American Apparel, which are still strong and good (great for layering under jeans in the winter, again), especially if you're doing it more for a fashion statement, but are a little more expensive.

But please, please, PLEASE: if you're wearing leggings or footless tights, please don't substitute them for what I call "official pants". Please keep them under your skirts or your dresses; if we can see your gluteal muscles or your pantyline, and we're not in dance class, consider putting on a pair of real pants. Please.

image from dancegear.com

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