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Friday, November 07, 2008

Halloweenie Jeanne

So yes, I've moved into my new apartment and I think I'm all settled in except for lacking a bookcase (I have nowhere to put my books!!) and a need for more art (which I'll be posting about, oh, eventually). I also finally busted out my tripod, which had been hiding under my bed for a very long time (almost a year, maybe) and set it up so that I could attempt to start taking more wardrobe self-portraits with my camera and timer. (Right now it is currently hosting a cardigan on top of it, which makes it look a little creepy at night, like there is a person right by the foot of my bed. I realized this last night when I turned out the lights and realized there's a dark ominous shape about four feet high right by my bed. Yikes!)

Thus, I have some pictures of me in my Halloween costume! Because it was already so dark, though, and there was no sunlight to be had, the pictures aren't as bright and pretty as they should be. Alas!

Dress: niceface.etsy.com
Tights: Danskin? (they're dance-quality tights, bought when I was taking ballet)
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Black long-sleeved top: Old Navy
Headband: Sweet Rococo
Necklace: Brookadelphia vote. necklace

People were confused that I a. did not have a wolf b. did not have a basket ("go steal one from her! why does SHE have a basket? Who is SHE supposed to be?" "That's Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz." "Whaaaat. Really. She did not have a basket." "Yes. Dorothy had a basket." "Noooo, what." "Yes, she did.") and c. was wearing a vote necklace. ("Are you Democracy?" "No, I'm Little Red Riding Hood. But I encourage you to vote.") Maybe I should go with something a little less, um, obvious next year?

The dress is totally comfortable and awesome, and I love it and can't wait to incorporate it into my wardrobe more. I could very well wear it to holiday parties this year with some snazzy jewelry and fancier shoes, perhaps...

Oh, and in case you're wondering about my wall decoration, it's a little birdie from emiliefriday.etsy.com. Karen showed me her shop and I fell in love with her adorable felt birdies, so I ordered one and it is the cutest thing.

What did you do for Halloween? Do you have pictures? Let me know!

images from periodicstyle.blogspot.com


Kati said...

Well, at least when you said who you were, people weren't like, "Who? What? When? I DON'T WATCH TV."

So apparently no one in my town watches Gossip Girl. OH WELL.

That dress is super super adorable though, well played.

ieatlilbratz said...

Super CUUUUTTTEEE!!!!!!!!

Kristin Joy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marina said...

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