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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Science Fair for November 17th-23rd

Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving here in the U.S.? I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, but I must persevere, for the cooking responsibility is all mine come Thursday afternoon! The big news at my house this week is that we acquired a gigantic jar of buckwheat honey from the farmers' market, and our hearts are breaking over rumors of Pushing Daisies getting cancelled. Lee Pace, my darling boy, you can always come live in my heart if you are out of a job!

On that note, here's your Science Fair!

-Speaking of honey, I have a lot to use up. The ever-useful National Honey Board has some nifty beauty tips and tricks using your favorite honey. Who knew why it works so well as a moisturizer? I'll never pay money for drugstore beauty products with honey in them again!

-As a big honey fan, I am always concerned about Colony Collapse Disorder, it makes me want to start keeping bees in my backyard.

-From World Changing, check out this hilarious but adorably animated video chiding Japan on its food security and wasteful ways. I find the fact that Japan wastes so much foodstuff most deserving of highlight, considering that the way my Japanese grandmother uses every little bit of everything she buys!

-Also out of Asia, dudes need to stop trying to play with wild animals, zoo or not. Wild animals are still wild, remember, and even if you're bitten by a neighborhood dog, make sure you get your rabies shot! Last year around this time, a local boy was mauled and killed by a tiger at the zoo, it was quite the tragic debacle.

-Onto brighter topics, THANKGIVING!! The Environmental News Network has tip on how to green your Thanksgiving all over. Having made the mistake of trying to thaw and cook a whole turkey in a single day, I have personally sworn off of cooking large fowl for national holidays, and will be making a pot roast for my table of six. If there are complaints, I will knife them in the hand.

-Coming right up is another national holiday you've probably forgotten about: the end of Prohibition! We'll be out celebrating (aka, drinking--safely) in San Francisco, dressed as flappers in our best backseamed stockings and cloche hats. Is there any better way to remember our national history than to drink to it? I think not.

-For historical fashion inspiration, we've turned to public resources like the brilliant New York Public Library Digital Gallery and the new archive of LIFE Magazine photos from the 1750s onward, hosted by Google.

Coming up on the Periodic Elements of Style, you'll get a peek of my Thanksgiving table and some tips from the make-up trailer on Twilight! Have a great week, everyone!

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