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Monday, November 17, 2008

Science Fair for November 10th - 16th

Quick and dirty this week, but full of comics!

- After attending the Alternative Press Expo earlier this month, I helped the Lovely L., who created the banners for both PeriodicStyle and PeriodicBeauty, set up her adorable minicomic The Littlest Elle on Wordpress! Go check it out at elle.mysky.net!

- Because of APE, L. and I were featured on Pirate Cat Radio last week, talking about our trip to Japan last September. The ginormous podcast is available here -- it's 110 MB, and L. and I come in around 39:30 on the 11/14 podcast. We talk about Godzilla and Nara deer (the true menace in Japan).

- In addition, I'd like to introduce you to Corinne Mucha, who is an excellent storyteller and an all-around nifty person. Her comic blog is here. In particular, I would like to direct you to Procrastination, because it is true. As are the comics she has for sale. The one about her apartment is my favorite. (Heads up for language if you are sensitive to the swears.)

- Going off of Procrastination, which places some blame on puppies, I give you live-streaming shiba inu puppies. You guys have already seen them, right? And you love them, right? (And if you don't love them, we can't be friends anymore. Sorry. It's harsh but true.)

- Final proscrastination comics, I swear: Kate Beaton has hilarious historical and autobiographical comics for the truly geeky of us. My favorites include Girl's Best Friend, Jane Austen Comics, and pretty much all of her nonsense cartoons, particularly For Better And Also Worst and Another Dang Garfield Cartoon. (Another language heads-up. I'm only looking out for you.)

Have a great week!

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